Morgan Freeman: “Until You Hear It Directly From Me, Assume I’m Not Dead”

Morgan Freeman: 1937 - ????

Some of these Morgan Freemans will not survive.

Hollywood—Once again, Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman has found himself at the center of yet another internet celebrity death hoax. And once again, Freeman’s PR people have had to answer countless media inquiries as to the health of the star, some even from Freeman’s close friends.

But now, Freeman has issued a statement telling the world, or at least anyone in the world who listens to such things, that he himself has partnered up with Visa to record his death announcement, and when the time comes that he does pass on, his fans will get the news directly from his mouth.
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Al Gore Reportedly “Quietly Seething” Over DNC Snub

Al Gore

A rare glimpse inside Gore’s TV room when he realized he was not invited to the DNC.

New York—Former Vice President and 2000 Presidential nominee Al Gore put on a brave face when it came to him not getting an invite to the 2012 Democratic National Convention last week in Charlotte. But people close to the Oscar winner said privately, he was actually “as angry as I’ve seen him in years, maybe decades, but all under the surface.”

Gore’s friends have told The Daily Quarterly that at first, Gore thought his invention, the internet, was working improperly, and his e-mail from the Democratic National Committee had not been delivered. But after a few calls (many of which were not returned), Gore learned he would be persona non grata at the convention.

“He cried for a few hours,” one friend said. “He cradled his Oscar and sobbed for a while, then he ate some organic cheesecake, watched ‘Love Actually’ on Showtime and felt a little better. But he was definitely hurt. Then he got mad.”
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The Way He Was: Composer Marvin Hamlisch Dies At 68

Marvin Hamlisch

Marvin Hamlisch, right, seen with RECOiL writer/director Brian DiMaio, left, working on an early version of the RECOiL soundtrack. In the end a different sound was sought to be the voice of RECOiL and the filmmaker went with The KLF instead.

Los Angeles—EGOT-winning composer Marvin Hamlisch died Tuesday after a brief illness. He was 68.

At age seven, Hamlisch was the youngest student ever accepted into Julliard. He earned his BA from Queens College in 1967 and got his first job as a rehearsal pianist for Barbara Streisand’s “Funny Girl” on Broadway.

Hamlisch won Academy Awards for Best Original Song and Best Original Dramatic Score for 1973’s “The Way We Were,” as well as Best Original Song Score and/or Adaptation for his adaptation of Scott Joplin’s ragtime music for “The Sting” the same year.

He also wrote the scores for such film classics as “Ordinary People,” “Sophie’s Choice,” “RECOiL” and “D.A.R.Y.L.,” and co-wrote “Nobody Does it Better” for the 1977 James Bond flick “The Spy Who Loved Me,” for which he won one of his four Grammy Awards.
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New Sean Connery Biography Says The Actor Was Unaware There Were Any Other James Bond Films Besides His Own

James Bond Box Set

This picture of Sean Connery's James Bond Ultimate DVD Collector's Set speaks volumes.

New York—A new unauthorized biography of Scottish acting legend Sean Connery is scheduled for release next month, but leaks are flooding the internet, and not all of the tome portrays the Oscar winner in a positive light.

The book, by noted writer Martin Hazel, claims that Connery had absolutely no clue that any James Bond films were ever made that did not star him.

“I thought they ended the franchise when I left,” he is quoted as saying in the book. “When did this happen? Get me Ian Fleming on the phone. Now!” Fleming, who created the Bond character, died in 1964.
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“Star Wars” Concept Artist Ralph McQuarrie Dies At 82

Ralph McQuarrie

Early Ralph McQuarrie concept pieces for RECOiL were criticized as derivative of his earlier work.

Berkeley, CA—Ralph McQuarrie, the Oscar-winning “Star Wars” concept artist largely responsible for creating the iconic look of George Lucas’ trilogy, died Saturday after a long bout with Parkinson’s disease. He was 82.

McQuarrie also worked on designs for the films “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial,” “RECOiL,”  and “*batteries not included.” He won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects in 1986 for his work on “Cocoon.”
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