“I Listen To A Lot Of People From A Very Diversified Background And Culture:” A TDQ Q&A With CJ Comu

CJ Comu

CJ Comu with Luis Guzman and a bottle of FulHum. Let’s just say if it’s good enough for Luis Guzman it’s almost too good for the staff of The Daily Quarterly.

This week’s TDQ Q&A is with entrepreneur CJ Comu. CJ spoke to us about how his natural beverage, FulHum, was made the official beverage of Earth Day 2016, how great his hometown of Dallas is for businesses and Canada’s climate got him started as an entrepreneur. Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A With CJ Comu:

The Daily Quarterly: What was the first business you launched?

CJ Comu: I started my first business (age 10) of shoveling snow for $5 a driveway in Canada. My business grew so much that I actually hired kids (my age) to shovel snow for $4 and had my first profitable business – enough to buy some fun stuff and go to the movies.

TDQ: How did you get into the natural water business?

CJC: I got into the “natural beverage” business – by accident. I was in London on business and had lunch with one of our partners – who invited a (82 year old) friend to join us. After I met this man who (walked over an hour to the Restaurant – crushed my hand on our handshake and ordered a steak for lunch) I naturally asked – how he looked so great. He stated he found a liquid concentrate that contained “Fulvic & Humic” compounds and that started my quest for the source and bottling of this amazing mineral composition.

CJ Comu

CJ Comu with Jamie Foxx and a bottle of FulHum. If this is how Jamie Foxx is getting his fulvic and humic acid then sign us up.

TDQ: Who are your influences?

CJC: Great leaders that have overcome adversity and prevailed. One of my former dear friends and business contact was Steve Jobs. I was one of the first developers of software for the Apple II in 1980 and had the chance to meet Steve and hear his vision of wanting to “put a Computer in ever Home in America” – unfortunately I wish I would have been more in tune with his vision and would have possibly surfed that wave — longer!!

TDQ: What was the best advice you ever received?

CJC: “Stay the Course” was probably one of the more relevant words that I heard from a very old and dear friend that helped me stay focused and understand that life and business is not only (not what you thought or drew up) but a path that will sometimes take you off the main track and key is to (stay the course) and stay focused on what your goals/path are.

TDQ: What is the worst advice you ever received?

CJC: I don’t think I can honestly say I’ve received “worst advice” that has resonated with me that I recall. I listen to a lot of people from a very diversified background and culture. I do not think there is any great or bad advice — just advice that you need to manage and determine how it applies (or not) to your life and circumstances — at the time.

FulHum EarthWater

Rumor has it that CJ was able to include 10% more volume by adding the Earth to the top of the bottle.

TDQ: Tell us about EarthWater, aka FulHum…

CJC: EarthWater was the name I thought or that best represented the Company we were embarking on the path to produce this “miracle mineral” from the Earth that had been stored for millions of years and had the potential to change and improve peoples’ lives. We came up with the name “FulHum” as a derivative to what the group of “Fulvic & Humic” Minerals were made of and then joined them to create a new word.

TDQ: What is the landscape for entrepreneurs like in your hometown of Dallas?

CJC: GREAT. There is something about a diversified City of Dallas, TX. We have so many industries from real estate, energy to technology and consumer products. There are numerous networking groups and mentors as well as a dynamic education platform of support from the University and business leaders.

TDQ: How did FullHum come to be the Official Beverage of Earth Day 2016?

CJC: Have to give thanks and applaud to Zack Teperman of ZTPR one of the most talented PR and arketing pro’s I have met in a long time. Zack thought it made sense (we agreed) that this would be a great synergy considering we are a 100% natural product from Earth.

TDQ: Where do you see yourself and FulHum in five years?

CJC: Our plans are to make FulHum a product available worldwide and consumed by millions of people that are seeking quality products that have the ability to improve their life. We hope to have FulHum Factories around the world that will be producing and selling our products in numerous languages as part of a movement to avoid bottled sugar products.

Find out more about CJ Comu at his website,and learn more about FulHum at their website.

Deborah Barone Finally Gets Her Wish: Doris Roberts Dies At 90

Doris Roberts

Doris Roberts, left, first met RECOiL writer/director Brian DiMaio in the mid 1970’s on the set of the film Hester Street along side Carol Kane and Steven Keats. DiMaio’s part was later cut when it was learned that he didn’t know a schtickel of Yiddish.

Los Angeles—Doris Roberts, best known as Marie Barone, the nagging mother-in-law to the mom from “The Middle” on the CBS Ray Ramano sitcom, “Everybody Loves Raymond,” has died from natural causes. She was 90.

She also appeared on TV in “Walker, Texas Ranger,” “Remington Steel” with future James Bond Pierce Brosnan and that “Raymond” program with future Manny the Woolly Mammoth Ray Romano. She won four Emmy Awards for her performance as Marie Barone, and one Emmy for her guest spot on “St. Elsewhere.”

On the big screen, Roberts appeared in such films as “Madea’s Witness Protection,” “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” “RECOiL” and “The Taking of Pelham One Two Three.”

She is survived by her son, Michael Cannata, Jr. and three grandchildren.

Kidnappers Petitioning Microsoft To Add “Ransom Note” Font To Windows

MS Ransom Font

Let’s be honest. If people are still even reading magazines it is on their tablet or, maybe, in a waiting room. And who wants to make a ransom note in a waiting room?

Redmond, WA—Microsoft has remained tightlipped to date, but a huge recent push by a kidnappers advocacy group for the addition of so-called “ransom note” font to the next Windows addition has finally been picked up on by the national media.

CNN recently interviewed the group’s leader, “Bob,” who insisted on last wee’s Don Lemon show that this sort of font would “save tons of time, energy and money for the nations’ abductors, which would in turn, save ransom time.”

“I mean, think about it,” “Bob” told Don, “all the time it takes for us to painstakingly cut out and paste letters in the notes we send to the families of our abducted people could be cut in at least half if we could just use the proper font to write the letters. It’s literally a no-brainer. And Windows is not addressing the issue.”

“Bob” insisted that if Microsoft executives did not finally take their plight seriously, there would be consequences that the software company really didn’t want to have to experience. And they would face these consequences soon.

Indeed, known South American drug cartel members echoed “Bob’s” sentiments, as well as cartel representatives in Mexico, which has seen its industrial kidnapping syndicate more than triple in the past decade. And reports indicate those numbers will only continue to grow.

“The market is there,” “Bob” said. “It’s supply and demand, simple economics. I am certain that if Bill Gates still was at the helm of Windows, this would already have been done by now. In fact, I may have to personally ask him myself soon if the Microsoft people don’t pay attention. Would they really want that? For me to personally ask him? I doubt it.”

Word Templates

A nice ransom font is a good start but todays customers will also expect some helpful templates to get them started.

But the magazine industry has repeatedly voiced their opinion that such a font would hurt their sales. Magazine lobbyist Nathan “National Geographic” House said that the companies he represents have already seen steady sales decline due to the internet. “Take away the people that use our products to prepare ransom notes, and you may as well shut us down. It’s sad. And it’s a scary time.”

Calls for comment from Microsoft executives were not returned at press time.

As Soon As You’re Done Reading This Article, Go Listen To Our Pal Erich Mrak’s New Release, “Drowning Out” Featuring Maurice Moore. Seriously. Do It.

12983875_1310974052249549_4927625480207504949_oToronto—After releasing his debut EP, “V”, at the beginning of 2016 (which can be found via his SoundCloud page), Erich Mrak returns with a more conscious-sided song titled “Drowning Out.” Featuring Maurice Moore (Kehlani’s latest TSNMI signee), and produced by Erich’s main producer, Bento, “Drowning Out” showcases a vulnerable side of Erich, as the content of the song centres around his own personal stories about drinking, and driving.

Link to audio : https://soundcloud.com/erichmrakmusic/drowning-out-erich-mrak-x-maurice-moore

“Drowning Out” ft. Maurice Moore is the first release of four from Erich’s next EP, “Hideaway,” set to release in June, 2016.

New Hipper And Cooler IRS Moves Tax Deadline From April 15th To April 18th Because They Don’t Want to Ruin Everybody’s Friday

IRS Logo Enamel Pin

Not only is the IRS more conscious of your weekend they have slightly tweaked their logo. They are selling enameled pins of this new logo in their Etsy shop.

Washington, DC—You may have noticed this tax season that you have a couple extra days to file your taxes. Instead of panicking to get your paperwork done by April 15th this year, the Internal Revenue Service has pushed back the deadline to Monday, April 18th, in an effort “so as not to be a buzz kill or totally bum people out on Friday. It’s Friday, man.”

This isn’t your father’s IRS. It seems to be a much more laid back tax man nowadays. Could it be because so many of the employees now are Millennials? Could it be that the Feds have more important things to worry about? It appears to be a little of both.

“Bruh, it’s an election year, and the cat who’s in the White House ain’t running,” said second-year IRS accountant Kyle Whitman. “Nobody is paying any attention to us. It’s freaking awesome.This place is finally a cool place to be. Finally.”

“Usually, at this time of the year, we’re going nuts. Totally, freaking nuts,” echoed Travis Cendrowski, who has worked for the IRS since 2011. “But I haven’t been in the building before 9:30 in like five months. And this old dude I work with, he came in late the whole week last week ’cause he was home watching the Masters. It’s crazy. But it’s kind of awesome.”

Many employees said they’re confident that this new paradigm is here to stay, and they are more than open to the change. They said they believe it is about time for a new reputation in a new century.

Other sources have confirmed the agency is looking creating an official, more-friendly sounding motto that will reflect their new, chill attitude. “Some people were saying it would be but something really dumb or unoriginal like, ‘Keep calm and deduct on,’ or ‘Hakuna Matata,'” said Whitman. “I was gonna vote for my personal favorite, which is ‘The IRS: We won’t harsh your mellow.'”