“I’m Not Going To Hide Something That Is Such A Big Part Of My Everyday Life And Makes Me Who I Am:” A TDQ Q&A With Actress Tamara Duarte

Tamara Duarte

Tamara Duarte wearing…what is that, a trench coat? Is this from Halloween? Is this a sexy Inspector Gadget costume?

This week’s TDQ Q&A is with Canadian actress Tamara Duarte. Tamara spoke to us about her role in Canadian TV classic Degrassi, her secret love of “Inspector Gadget” and her work on Netflix hit “Longmire.” Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A with Tamara Duarte:

The Daily Quarterly: What made you want to be in show business?

Tamara Duarte: I was about 10 years old. I wasn’t really thinking about “show business” but more so performing. My older sisters were a part of Portuguese plays growing up and I remembered thinking, “I want to do that!” So a few years later I did my first play in Toronto. I guess the show business side of it came when my older sister Sonia helped me get a commercial agent and drove me around to auditions, meetings etc., but she was attending college at the time so it was short-lived until I was able to drive myself.

TDQ: Who was your favorite actor or actress growing up?

TD: Jim Carrey always made me laugh. I did classes at Second City in Toronto early on and remember walking in and passing his photo everyday. He inspired me to be brave in my work and take chances.

TDQ: What was your favorite TV show growing up?

TD: I’m one of those annoying early bird people. I’d wake up at 5:30 every morning before school and get in some “Inspector Gadget” and “The Magic School Bus.” My favorite show as I got older was “Friends.”

Tamara Duarte

You never know who you’re going to meet in the desert.

TDQ: What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

TD: Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard

TDQ: What is the worst advice you’ve ever gotten?

TD: That I need to play the “single sexy young actress” card. Act as though I don’t have a family, a husband and a step child? I am young, but I’m not going to hide something that is such a big part of my everyday life and makes me who I am. I’m proud of that.

TDQ: Who are your influences?

TD: Ellen Page inspires me. Not only is she a talented actor but also she is a creator, producing important content. She is a mover and shaker who not only inspires but influences people.

Tatiana Maslany. I love watching her work in “Orphan Black.” We have the same agent and used to attend the same class in Toronto. There are some people that light a fire in you when you see them work. She is one of those people.

TDQ: Tell us about your role in “Badsville”

TD: I was going though a lot in my personal life and Suzy was going though the same life lesson. It was a deep connection. I ran into April Mullen at an event in Hollywood. We got to chatting and she sent me the script that night. I FELL IN LOVE with it and emailed her back immediately after reading it. Within the next few days, I went in and met the team and the rest is history. I’m so proud of April, she was just honored at TIFF this year at the Bricks Women in Film for a film called “Below Her Month.” The majority of the cast were around the same age (the greaser gang) so we hung out a lot and became fast friends. It’s like being at summer camp. Suzy had a very hard shell. She wouldn’t allow herself to be vulnerable. There is a line that Wink says that I chuckle at when hearing it because it related to my life so much at the time:

Sammy: “How are things going with Suzy?”
Wink: “I don’t know little cat. Her walls are built up so high I can’t figure her out.”

That was me for SO LONG. I’m fiercely independent and all Gerald (my husband) wanted to do is love me and I wouldn’t let him.

Tamara Duarte, Jerry O'Connell

Tamara Duarte and close personal friend Jerry O’Connell. Wouldn’t these two make a great Inspector Gadget and Penny? Let’s reboot!

TDQ: You also appeared in “Longmire” on Netflix. How has Netflix changed the way people watch TV versus network television?

TD: Yes I play Mandy that is coming back for season 6. She is Cady Longmire’s assistant at her new law office on the Rez. I think that we are in the golden age of television! I haven’t had cable in 5 years. I watch everything on Apple TV and have all the channels, news, music, shows, movies I want when I want them.

TDQ: What was your experience like working on “Degrassi: The Next Generation” being on such an iconic TV show?

TD: It was such an amazing experience. Playing such a controversial character and pushing social norms on the show really helped me understand why I do what I do. It helped me understand that I can effect, inspire and change lives through art. I owe that to the Degrassi family.

TDQ: Where do you see yourself in five years?

TD: Having my little ones getting tomatoes from the garden, working on a film that I’m writing right now and publishing a children’s book.

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The Brady Bunch Kids Are Now Truly Orphans: Florence Henderson Has Died

Florence Henderson

Florence Henderson, right, running lines with future RECOiL director Brian DiMaio, left, in 1961 preparations for a touring performance of The Sound of Music.

Los Angeles—Florence Henderson, surrogate mother to millions of children around the world thanks to “The Brady Bunch” and its long run in syndication, died on Thanksgiving from heart failure. She was 82.

Best known for her role as Carol Brady, she also appeared in TV shows like “Hart to Hart,” “The Love Boat,” “The King of Queens” as well as numerous incarnations of “The Brady Bunch” throughout the years, both animated and variety-show-style.

On the big screen, Henderson was in such movies as “Fifty Shades of Black,” “Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult,” “RECOiL” and “Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star.”

She is survived by four actual children, three girls from her first marriage and three stepsons from her best known marriage.


“Do Not Wait Around For People To Make Your Dreams Come True – Go Off And Do It On Your Own:” A TDQ Q&A Filmmaker With Dave Zani

David Zani

David Zani

This week’s TDQ Q&A is with producer/director/writer Dave Zani. Dave spoke to us about the inspiration of growing up in the 1990s, being an amateur archaeologist and learning about show business from “Homicide: Life on the Streets”, “The Wire” and “Law & Order SVU” star Richard Belzer. Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A with Dave Zani:

The Daily Quarterly: What made you want to get into show business?

Dave Zani: I always loved movies and animation but I think that true moment it clicked for me when I was very young, maybe 4th grade. My parents took me on a family vacation to Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando. It was the first time I had gone to the Universal theme park and back then, in 1994, they still had a lot of classic rides like the original King Kong ride with a giant animatronic ape! This blew my mind, I remember being stunned by it all. At the gift shop I bought some foam bricks – props. I was fascinated with this concept – fake things that seem real for the purpose of entertainment. That was a light-bulb moment that changed my life forever.

TDQ: What was your favorite sic-fi/horror movie growing up?

DZ: As a kid growing up, “Star Wars” – hands down. I was a kid in the mid 90’s , a dark time for Star Wars fans. It was in between “Jedi” and Episode 1, the stores literally had no Star Wars toys or anything. I had VHS tapes of the 3 original movies, the original cuts! I watched these over and over again until the tracking lines in the tape became too much to see past. I use to paint my other action figures to represent Star Wars characters since no toys were on the market then. I often think about how lucky a 10 year-old is right now, the Star Wars world is their oyster, hahaha. In high school, my friends and I got really into “Alien” and “Aliens.” The tone of the film was something that was another wonderful memory discovering.

TDQ: Who are your influences?

DZ: Since I was very young I always admired Walt Disney and Jim Henson, mostly because my mom adored them and their work. Later on, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, of course. Any kid growing up in my time would say the same, I think. As I grew older my scope and tastes began to vary with people like Roger Corman, Mike Judge, Jim Wynorski, Quentin Tarantino, Tyler Perry, Paul Hertzberg, Samuel Arkoff. I am fascinated by many different types of film and filmmakers. Things you would think are not on my list, I might be a big fan of because I enjoy and respect the process the filmmaker developed.

David Zani's Work

When you look back on things what are you going to see? Did you work on your dream projects? It sure looks like David Zani is.

TDQ: What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

DZ: I hear the same advice from people – they either say it directly to me or I hear other people say it in interviews and speeches. Do not wait around for people to make your dreams come true – go off and do it on your own. I believe this statement like it is a religion.

TDQ: What is the worst advice you’ve ever gotten?

DZ: Great question! I was once told to keep my “stupid ideas” to myself. I made sure to never do that!

TDQ: You’re also a member of the American Society for Amateur Archaeology. How does producing a movie compare to finding a rare historical artifact on a dig in some desert?

DZ: Film making is fun, it is a fulfilling career. I love to tell stories and entertain people but I think uncovering artifacts and stepping in the footprints of people from long ago is the most magical thing and lifts my spirits to very high places because it is true adventure. It does not include much stress (for me). I am not true scientist, of course, dealing with the politics of it all (which I am sure is very stressful). I often think about the moment that Howard Carter opened the door to King Tut’s chamber for the first time in 5,000 years. To see things no one has laid eyes on in that amount of time – just sitting there as the days passed, remarkable to think about.

TDQ: You’ve also worked with Richard Belzer, developing content for his website and his production company. What did you learn from working with him?

DZ: I loved working with Richard. He is a great comedic talent with outrageous vision and wit. It was one of the first times I was really working with someone who was well known. I was young and nervous at first, but he was so humble and funny it was easy to create cool work. On the smaller scale of things, I learned timing from Richard, the importance of it and the basics of developing good timing. On a larger scale, I think just learning about him and his career and all the different projects he has worked on, really showed me that you can go anywhere in this world.

TDQ: What project are you working on next?

DZ: Right now I am working on something really special. It is more mainstream, animated and has a rich story, for which I am very proud! It is an epic mythology I am creating, with my own modern twist. I will have more to say soon! To keep in the loop my website OldMillEntertainment.com will have updates in time.

TDQ: Where do you see yourself and Old Mill Entertainment in five years?

DZ: I believe that we will continue to expand our horizons and to continue developing projects that increase in sophistication and audience reach. I am fascinated with the mixing of genres to create new and fresh things, I am fascinated with history and the story of people on Earth – this is the foundation of my work. As I continue to learn more about my interests I will continue to create new stories and characters that people can relate to, be inspired by and be entertained with.

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Donald Trump Planning Broadway Musical About His Amazing Life

Trump The Musical

This is going to be the best musical. You are going to love this musical.

New York—Sources close to President-elect Trump confirmed yesterday that he has commissioned a musical to be written about his life, but it had nothing to do with a recent trip by Vice President-elect Mike Pence to Broadway to view mega-hit juggernaut “Hamilton.”

Trump has hired actor/musician Gary Sinise to write the musical, as well as the score, based on “the amazing, incredible, all-American, American dream tale of Mr. Trump’s incredible, amazing life,” said the source.

The musical will depict Trump’s humble beginnings as a street urchin during the French Revolution, followed by his short stint as a junkyard cat, leading into how he made his fortune by producing lousy Broadway plays, and touching on his time haunting an opera house and wooing Melania.

“We expect Mr. Sinise to finish up the play by next Tuesday, with casting being finalized and rehearsals starting by Friday, followed up by an off-Broadway run for a week or two in December, and finally selling out huge theaters on Broadway in plenty of time for the inauguration,” the source said. “You’re going to love the new show. It’s the best new show.”

Representatives for Gary Sinise confirmed the former “Forrest Gump” star was “fully committed and very excited” about completing the musical. “When you’re working with such an inspiring and incredible individual as Mr. Trump is, you’d have to try really hard to come up with a lousy show. It’s almost impossible to fail at this. It’ll be great.”

The source for Mr. Trump said the President-elect is already planning on installing a trophy case “for all of the Tony Awards, Drama Desk Awards, Grammy Awards and eventual Oscar award that the musical is bound to spawn. Just wait. If that tree-hugger non-president Al Gore can get himself an Oscar, this show will rack up. Mark my words.”


Erich Mrak Releases Another Video, For “Retrospect” Today

Once again we turn to our friends from the north to take our minds off of the turmoil here in the states. Our close, personal Canadian friend Erich Mrak releases a new video today!

“Retrospect” is now available:

“Retrospect” Official Music Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItrIPzzzhZM

And here’s a link to “Retrospect”


14500594_1451798981500388_6088563236246086924_oAnd for Heaven’s sake, follow our boy Erich on Twitter and like his Facebook page.

Once again we (and Canada) bridge the gap to bring the entire nation together. You’re welcome, America.

You are now informed. Go and do likewise.