Source: Taylor Swift’s Representatives “Crazy Livid” That Some Magazines Didn’t Put Her On The Cover Of Their December Issue

National Geographic

If Taylor Swift can’t make people care about rising sea levels caused by melting polar ice then no one can.

New York—It seems that not everything is going as great as we thought for former country star-turned pop queen Taylor Swift, if reports coming out of her camp are true. You may have noticed that Swift’s face has graced just about every magazine cover in every checkout lane in the country this month, but not every major publication felt the need to plaster the songstresses face on their mag. And that’s not sitting so well with some of her people.

“They better understand the magnitude of this situation,” an unnamed source close to Swift told TDQ. “If National Geographic ever wants a sit down with Tay-tay ever in this or the next lifetime, they need to yank off those pics of Aborigines spear-fishing in Uganda or where the hell ever and get with the program.”

Field & Stream

Taylor knows all about catch and release, and how there are other fish in the sea.

In keeping with her tradition of only putting herself on the cover of her monthly magazine, O, Oprah Winfrey is also under fire for not putting Swift “somewhere on there, for God’s sake. Oprah’s lost weight, you can fit a photo of both of them on there, am I right?”

Field & Stream is also apparently on the naughty list in Swift’s camp, preferring to show, rather than the singer-songwriter, “some damn hunting knife or a dead deer or some stupid thing. I mean, really?

Swift’s latest record, 1989, is the first and, so far, only album to go platinum in 2014, which some in the record industry is a reflection of the new reality of internet music and pirating of songs. “It is for this very reason,” said magazine and journalism expert Eugene McLarty, “that we may never see Ms. Swift on the cover of a National Geographic or a Popular Mechanics ever again.”

O Magazine

O say can you see…Taylor Swift with her own magazine T?

Not that that sits well with Swift’s camp. “It’s Taylor f—ing Swift. Get her on your magazine cover or get ready to fold up shop.”

“It’s nothing against her, truly. It’s the nature of the beast now,” McLarty said. “And speaking of beasts, it’s also unlikely she’ll ever be on the cover of Fangoria, either. Sorry.” Continue reading

TDQ Investigates: The Recent Spate Of TDQ-Inspired Tattoos

Selena Gomez's new TDQ Tattoo

Selena Gomez’s sporting her new TDQ Tattoo at the 2014 AMAs.

Look, we aren’t prudes here at The Daily Quarterly. Especially about tattoos. We have a couple of our own ourselves. I have one on each arm, one of my fave president, Howard Taft, and another of that drawing of Heisenberg from “Breaking Bad.” And Karl has one on his chest of his wife’s name (horribly misspelled, unfortunately), as well as “All Your Base Are Belong to Us” on his right forearm.

And we are truly flattered to see people all over the country, including celebrities, who have begun getting The Daily Quarterly tats, some with our trademark pipe, some of our slogan, and still others of “TDQ.” But we have to caution the few of you who are getting TDQ face tattoos.

Forget the amount of pain associated with getting a face tattoo. And forget the cost. We just don’t want people thinking that a TDQ face tat’ is something we can condone or encourage.

We were thrilled a few weeks ago when Selena Gomez sported her new TDQ tattoo while performing on the AMAs. But our thrills soon turned to tremendous anxiety when Garth Brooks took the stage a short time later with a TDQ tattoo on his famous Country face.

We appreciate it, Garth, we really do. But not all of the nation finds face tattoos appealing, especially on the faces of Country greats. We just worry about what a TDQ face tattoo will do to your record sales. Not everybody who is cool with L’il Wayne’s face ink feels the same about other recording artists.

The bottom line is, just be careful about where you want to show your love for TDQ. You can always buy a TDQ shirt or mug, or a couple dozen copies of our books if you’re not into body art. And there are plenty of other parts on your body to show off that you’re a hardcore TDQ fan, just be careful about stuff above the neck.

You are now informed. Go and do likewise. Continue reading

NCAA Investigating Report That FSU’s Jameis Winston Assaulted FSU President With A Turkey On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Kerfuffle

This alleged Instagram photo shows the alleged turkey thrown, allegedly, by Jameis Winston at alleged FSU president John Thrasher.

Tallahassee—Various sources, including, but not limited to, the New York Times reported last night that the NCAA is investigating accusations that Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston is in hot water once again after he struck university President John Thrasher “on or about the head, neck and shoulders” with a turkey during Thanksgiving dinner at Thrasher’s home.

Mark Emmert, current NCAA president, issued a statement that said, in part, “To be quite honest, this really presents a myriad of issues and possible violations on both the university’s part and the student-athlete’s.” Emmert didn’t say how this latest blemish on Winston’s record would affect the team’s bowl bid. The statement went on, “On the one hand, one has to wonder why the school’s quarterback would be at the home of the school president for a meal, regardless of whether that meal is Thanksgiving or not. Then, there is the allegation that the student-athlete allegedly attacked said university president with what has been described as a ten or fifteen pound turkey. And yet still more witnesses have said that gravy and stuffing was involved. We’re still looking into that.”

Florida State is looking to repeat last year’s championship season, and some fans have accused the NCAA and media outlets for unfairly targeting the program.

“Some accounts say Mr. Winston hopped up on the dinner table and shouted obscenities prior to striking Mr. Thrasher,” Emmert said. “Yet other accounts say that Mr. Winston walked into the residence, went to the rear of the home and took a bag of the turkey and then left the property without saying anything, then he hit the president with the turkey when he wouldn’t get out of his way quickly enough for his liking. And still another account said that Mr. Winston autographed dozens of turkeys, which is an NCAA violation, before hitting Mr. Thrasher with one of the turkeys.”

Calls seeking comments from Winston’s camp were not immediately returned. Fortunately for the Seminoles, they have an off week this Saturday, they only have to play the Florida Gators. Continue reading

“At The End Of The Day, It’s A Relatable Record That Makes Women FEEL:” A TDQ Q&A With Singer-Songwriter Carly Robyn Green

Carly Robyn GreenThis week’s Q&A is with Carly Robyn Green. The Philly native talked with us about how the music scene from her hometown compares to LA, about her upcoming record and a life-changing conversation with Cee Lo Green (no relation). Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A with singer-songwriter Carly Robyn Green:

The Daily Quarterly: What made you want to be in show business?

Carly Robyn Green: I can’t pin-point a specific moment or event that made me want to be in the music business, but I’ve known since I was seven years old!

I remember a second grade homework assignment to create a personal business card featuring what I wanted to “be” when I grew up. I designed a hot pink business card that said “C.G. The Singer!” This was before I officially began singing… But, I always had a toy microphone in hand, since I could talk! I fell asleep listening to music, I made up lyrics and song titles as a kid, and I was always singing around the house, for my great-grandmother in the hospital, or for my family during holiday gatherings. So, when I created that hot pink business card that said “C.G. The Singer” – that’s when I knew I knew.

I’m sure I was influenced by car rides listening to the soft rock station, B101, with my mom in Philadelphia… And I must have been influenced by my dad’s obsession with Sinatra and The Beatles, and the silly songs he would make up and sing to me. Music has always had a powerful presence in my life, so I guess I have just always known it’s something I wanted to pursue professionally.

TDQ: Who was your favorite musical artist when you were a kid?

CRG: Streisand. It’s always been Streisand!

TDQ: What was your favorite album when you were a kid?

CRG: The first album I ever bought was Michael Bolton’s “Soul Provider” in 1989. I was six years old, and I loved “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You.” Haha. I also bought Whitney Houston’s first two records at that time – “Whitney Houston” and “Whitney.” My favorite overall albums were actually the Broadway concept albums of Jekyll & Hyde, The Scarlet Pimpernel, and Sunset Boulevard. I had no idea what the lyrics of these songs were about, but the sweeping melodies hooked me instantly.

(I also can’t deny my love affair with every New Kids on the Block album, too!)

TDQ: Who are your influences?

CRG: I have always been influenced by Natalie Cole, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Lara Fabian, Heart, Judy Garland, Carol King, Michael Bolton, Andrea Bocelli, Meatloaf, and Burt Bacharach… And my favorite is Streisand. I’ve always been most affected by those emotional, soaring ballads, by dramatic, sweeping orchestrations, and by artists with that touch of soulfulness that added meaning and honesty to their deliveries.
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EGOT-Achieving Director Mike Nichols Dies At 83

Mike Nichols

Mike Nichols, center, with Graduate actor Dustin Hoffman, right, and RECOiL writer/director Brian DiMaio left. The three had begun meetings to capitalize on the success of The Graduate by making The Graduate 2: Post Graduate Work. Unfortunately the project never materialized.

New York—Director Mike Nichols, one of the handful of individuals who won at least one each of an Oscar, Emmy Award, Tony Award and Grammy, died of a heart attack Wednesday at his apartment. He was 83.

Nichols won an Academy Award for directing Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft in “The Graduate.” He won a Grammy Award in 1961 for his comedy album, “An Evening with Mike Nichols and Elaine May.” He won a total of nine Tony Awards and another four Emmy Awards.

Besides “The Graduate,” Nichols also directed such big screen gems as “Carnal Knowledge,” “Silkwood,” “RECOiL” and “Poscards From the Edge.”

Nichols is survived by his wife Diane Sawyer, children Daisy, Max and Jenny and four grandchildren. Continue reading