Penny Marshall’s Brother, Garry Marshall, Dies At 81

Garry Marshall

Garry Marshall, right, first met RECOiL writer Brian DiMaio, center, when DiMaio wrote for Happy Days. DiMaio quit after the script for season five episode three was finalized. He felt the show had lost it’s way. Years later Marshall offered to direct DiMaio’s film RECOiL but the two, ultimately, disagreed on a certain water skiing stunt Marshall wanted to incorporate into the script.

Burbank, CA—Famed movie and TV director and “Joanie Loves Chachi” creator Garry Marshall died Tuesday from complications from pneumonia following a stroke. He was 81.

Marshall graduated from some hack journalism school at Northwestern University and wrote for “The Daily News” in New York City before making the leap and moving to LA.

Best known for creating television classics like “Hey Landlord,” “Me and the Chimp” and “Angie,” Marshall also wrote for the television shows “Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.,” “The Andy Griffith Show” and “I Spy.”

On the big screen, Marshall directed such films as “Pretty Woman,” “Runaway Bride,” “The Princess Diaries,” “RECOiL” and “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.”

He is survived by his wife, Barbara; son Scott and daughters Lori, and Kathleen, as well as six grandchildren.

“BETA TEST” Opening Today In Theaters Across The Country

image007Special to The Daily Quarterly

BETA TEST, starring Arrow’s Manu Bennett and Larenz Tate (House of Lies), hits cinemas nationwide July 22.

From producer/writer/director Nicholas Gyeney, and produced by Mirror Images LTD, comes BETA TEST a sci-fi action thriller that’s  “a cross between the intimate suspense of Die Hard and the 21st century chaos of Gamer”. 

The film’s storyline revolves around Max Troy (Tate, House of Lies, Rush), a Seattle-based video game champion and game tester who is about to test the latest game sensation from global video game juggernaut, Sentinel. As Max begins his procedural dissection of the game, he begins to realize this new game is not like any other. As Max completes new tasks, events in the real world begin to mirror them. Soon, Max uncovers a deep-rooted conspiracy from within the walls of Sentinel, which leads him to discover that the game’s protagonist, Orson Creed (Bennett, Arrow, The Hobbit), is a real man, in the real world. If Max can somehow join forces with Creed, together they may have a chance at unraveling this conspiracy before the tasks in the game escalate and overwhelm their city.

Yuji Okumoto (Karate Kid Part II, Inception, The Game), and Linden Ashby (Mortal Kombat, Teen Wolf, Wyatt Earp) also star.image008

“BETA TEST” will be released in approximately 15 US theaters today, July 22nd.

Those theaters are:

Seattle, WA – Siff Cinema Uptown
Bellingham, WA – AMC Loews Cascade Mall 14
Denver, CO – AMC Westminster Promenade 24
Chicago, IL – AMC South Barrington 30
Detroit, MI – AMC Forum 30
New York, NY – AMC Loews Jersey Gardens 20
Philadelphia, PA – AMC Neshaminy 24
Atlanta, GA – AMC North DeKalb Mall 16
Tampa, FL – AMC Veterans Expressway 24
Baton Rouge, LA – AMC Baton Rouge 16
Houston, TX – AMC Studio 30
Phoenix, AZ – AMC Arizona Center 24
Long Beach, CA – AMC Orange 30
Los Angeles, CA – AMC Ontario Mills 30
San Francisco, CA – AMC Deer Valley 16
Washington D.C. –  AMC Starplex Loudoun 11


Click here to watch the trailer.

Sources: House Staff Says Tiger Woods Doing Just Fine As Normal, Everyday, Typical Stay-At-Home Dad

Tiger Woods At Home

Dozens of Tiger Woods staff members will tell you he lives just like a regular guy.

Jupiter Island, FL—Anonymous sources close to the live-in staff who work with pro golfer Tiger Woods have told  The Daily Quarterly that the oft-injured Woods, who is recovering from yet another surgery on his back from 2015, has adapted “relatively well, all things considered,” to being a regular stay at home dad.

“A lot of men, when they can’t earn a living the way they’re used to doing it, they have a really hard time adjusting to life at home, all day every day,” said an associate of one of Woods’ valets. “But Tiger really has adapted pretty well. It was really a surprise.”

Woods, who reports say flew around the world on private jets and stayed in luxury hotels while playing on the world’s best golf courses, has been able to adjust to not having tournament officials and caddies wait on him hand and foot, said a good friend of Wood’s live-in butler.

“He gets up early, just like he did when he worked,” said the source. “He makes sure the nanny gets the kids up and fed, and then he and the chauffeur get the kids off to school.” The source also said that Woods “makes sure the cook has the kids’ lunches packed and ready for their tutor to carry for them at school.”

And Woods isn’t content to just sit around watching soap operas all day. “He gets some work in on his golf projects since he can’t go out and practice 16 hours a day like he did 12, 15 years ago. Woods will video conference with the staff of his course design company if he isn’t able to fly to Dubai or Monte Carlo if he has the kids that week. Just like any other good dad.”

“The one guilty pleasure he does have is watching ‘Maury’ every afternoon,” the source said. “He’ll watch it with just a housekeeper or two, sometimes the gardener, in his 40-seat theater room on the 200-inch projection TV. Just like your typical dad, he loves seeing if the dudes on there are indeed the baby-daddies or not. He really digs that. Sometimes he’ll mention that he knows one of the women on the show, too. It’s hilarious. Then he’s really happy when the dude is found out to be the daddy. He laughs and laughs and laughs when that happens.”

“I Try Mainly To Be Influenced By Kids In General:” A TDQ Q&A With Founder Kevin Stecko - He-Man Shirts

Do they have He-Man shirts at 80’ you ask? By the power of Greyskull they do! “I have the power!!!”

This week’s TDQ Q&A is with Kevin Stecko, the founder of Kevin spoke to us about how he got into the t-shirt business, the difficulty in getting some 80s t-shirts made (like one with that Tom Cruise cat or one we’d love to see, a “Great Space Coaster” t-shirt) and how John Hughes has impacted his company. Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A with Kevin Stecko:

The Daily Quarterly: How did you hear about The Daily Quarterly?

Kevin Stecko: Back when I was in kindergarten my parents used to get online and read to me from the site.

TDQ: How excited were you that The Daily Quarterly wanted to do an interview with you?

KS: On a scale of 0 to 10, Pi.

TDQ: What was your favorite t-shirt as a kid?

KS: I had a “He-Man” tee that I was very fond of, but as a kid you grow out of things so fast that I had a ton of “favorites.” But the one I am super fond of because I got a lot of s*** for it is my “Yes we can, Pittsburgh” shirt which featured former Steelers quarterback Bubby Brister. It came out in 1989 and I was a huge fan of Brister’s (which back then, everyone loved to hate him). I wore that shirt in 1991 to gym class of my freshmen year and a kid a year older than me was merciless in making fun of me for it. I wish I could still fit in that tee and still had it.

TDQ: What was your favorite 80s movie?

KS: “Karate Kid” is my favorite movie, no 80s qualification needed.

TDQ: What made you want to get into the t-shirt business?

KS: It happened kind of naturally. I’ve always loved graphic t-shirts and always wanted to run a side business since I was a kid. It was only a side business for a couple years until it got too big to manage part-time.

Liv "Kent" Boeree

We really wish we had remembered Coach Finstock’s advice before we lost out shirt to professional poker player Liv “Kent” Boeree.

TDQ: What’s the best advice you have ever gotten?

KS: Best advice was from “Teen Wolf:”

Coach Finstock: “There are three rules that I live by: never get less than twelve hours sleep; never play cards with a guy who has the same first name as a city; and never get involved with a woman with a tattoo of a dagger on her body. Now you stick to that, and everything else is cream cheese.”

TDQ: What is the worst advice you have ever gotten?

KS: Never let them see you sweat. I took this way too literally and it has precluded me from participating in sports.

TDQ: Who are your influences?

KS: I try mainly to be influenced by kids in general. They can find joy in just about any situation you put them in. A box becomes a house or a spaceship. A stick or a rock become a central piece of an elaborate game.

TDQ: Tell our few readers who haven’t yet discovered your site about

KS: It’s all the movies, tv show, video games, musicians, and fads you loved as a kid on t-shirts.

TDQ: Tell us about the process of licensing and turning an idea into an actual t-shirt.

KS: It is a very administratively heavy process. First, a license agreement must be negotiated, then artwork must be created, shown to the trademark owners, approved by them, samples created and approved by trademark holders, products created. There’s more to it but that’s the basic version.

80sTees Top Gun Sublimation Shirt

The 80sTees Top Gun Sublimation Shirt is very nice how it is. But wouldn’t it be a little better with some Maverick on it?

TDQ: What t-shirt would  you love to be able to make, but haven’t been able to yet for some reason?

KS: There are a lot of movies that came out in the 80s but were made by studios that aren’t around or that involved actors that won’t allow their faces to be on a t-shirt. For instance, a Top Gun tee with a picture of Tom Cruise.

TDQ: What is the best thing about the 80s? The music? The movies? The cartoons? The lack of cell phones?

KS: That’s like asking what’s the best thing about a Reese’s Cup or a Snickers.  It’s the combination that made it magical.

TDQ: If you could only watch one of these cartoons for the rest of your life, which would it be: “GI Joe,” “Transformers” or “ThunderCats?” 

KS: I can watch any and all of them for the rest of my life, but I’m guessing you mean if I had to only watch one thing and I had only these 3 cartoons to choose from what would I watch?  I’d have to go with “Transformers.”

TDQ: What shirt has been your best seller?

KS: The all-time best seller featured Jake Ryan from “Sixteen Candles.” Let me tell you, the ladies loved Jake Ryan.

TDQ: You’re welcome for our time

KS: Thanks for being my guest!

Check out and buy a few dozen t-shirts at And be sure to like their Facebook page and follow the company on Twitter.

“Apparently I Am Also Quite Popular With Neo-Nazis At The Moment:” A TDQ Q&A With Teacher Andrew Reid

Joseph Hirt

For years Joseph Hirt has been conveying his first person perspective of surviving the Auschwitz concentration camp. Educator Andrew Reid had a real problem with this. But only because the story was untrue.

This week’s TDQ Q&A is with teacher Andrew Reid, who recently uncovered the lies and fraud being perpetrated by Joseph Hirt, a purported Auschwitz concentration camp escapee in New York. Mr. Reid spoke to us about the response he’s gotten since outing the fraudster, how he became a teacher and historian and who he’s lobbying to play him when the film version is made of this whole ordeal. Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A with Andrew Reid: 

The Daily Quarterly: How did you hear about

Andrew Reid: They cyberstalked me via email.

TDQ: How excited are you that The Daily Quarterly asked you for an interview?

AR: I don’t get excited – I’m a happy pessimist (things never turn out as bad as I imagine they could).

TDQ: What made you want to be a teacher? 

AR: There were no other jobs for someone with a History and English degree.

TDQ: Who was your favorite historian growing up?

AR: Doc History – that is what we called our high school history teacher who had his PhD and always wore a 3-piece suit.

TDQ: What was your favorite subject in school as a kid?

AR: Literature.

TDQ: What’s the best career advice you’ve ever gotten?

AR: Don’t smile ‘till Christmas.

TDQ: What’s the worst career advice you’ve ever gotten?

AR: Anything my father-in-law tells me.

TDQ: Who are your influences?

AR: John Calvin and local breweries.

Andrew Reid

Andrew Reid (artist’s impression), who has been described as looking like Jason Statham with a long goatee, was The One who decided to Turn It Up and run a Fast and Furious research Blitz on the claims make by Hirt and make the truth known Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Reid wasn’t looking to be a Mean Machine and does not count Hirt as one of The Expendables but, rather, felt a Call of Duty on a Cellular level to reduce the Collateral damage that these false claims may cause. Like the old saying goes, if you don’t like the message you shouldn’t kill The Transporter of said message.

TDQ: Who are you hoping will play you when they make a feature film of this whole ordeal? Hanks? Affleck? Damon? We may know people who may know people who may know people.

AR: Jason Statham – we have similar haircuts and I lived and studied in Britain for several years, so I think I should have an accent.

TDQ: You took your daughter to go see Mr. Hirt speak, as well as encouraging your students to go see him. At what point did you tell her about your suspicions about that veracity of Mr. Hirt’s story? Was it that night, or after you had done a little digging? 

AR: I started digging that night (15 April). I was positive by mid-May Mr. Hirt’s story was largely fabricated. I told my daughter the night before I told the rest of the students and then released my research (8 June). She knew something was up but I didn’t think an 8th grader should have to bear the burden of keeping this quiet – I was working since mid-May to notify the innocent parties who had unknowingly promoted Mr. Hirt and his story before it became public so they could be prepared to respond to the media.

TDQ: Aside from being harassed by people like us, what sort of feedback have you been getting once your investigation into Mr. Hirt has gone public?

AR: Out of the hundred plus emails and letters I received in the past few weeks, only one was negative. I deleted that one. Apparently I am also quite popular with neo-Nazis at the moment.

TDQ: You have spoken to him on the phone after your findings. What do you personally think Mr. Hirt’s motivation was for his deceit?

AR: This is the only question I am going to shirk – I believe there were mixed motives.

TDQ: What do you tell your students (and your daughter for that matter) about people who commit fraud of this nature?

AR: “Trust but verify.”

TDQ: Isn’t your career really all downhill from here after this interview runs?

AR: I am always looking up so my perspective probably won’t change.

TDQ: Better source of news using social media? The Daily Quarterly fan page on Facebook or @dailyquarterly on Twitter?

AR: I am also a proud neo-Luddite (no Facebook or Twitter in my house).

TDQ: Now that Mr. Hirt has apologized for his lying, what do you hope happens to him?

AR: I hope he embraces reality and lives a quiet life.

TDQ: You’re welcome for our time

AR: Thank you for extending my 15 minutes.

Read more about Andrew’s exposure of Joseph Hirt here. If you have a subscription, you can read the story on Lancaster online also.