Is it true this is the best site on the internet to get my news? It’s not untrue.

Is thedailyquarterly.com looking to sponsor a fighter and buy adspace on his back? That or a NASCAR car. We currently have our eye on a bully at my kids’ school. Very promising.

What makes you think people will like this site or your particular “brand” of humor? Well, our mothers think we’re funny. And our wives don’t completely think our humor is terrible. So, there’s that…

If we submit a bad headline from a news site, will we get a prize? Assuming we don’t take credit for finding the headline ourselves, consider that your prize.

What sort of feedback have you gotten about this site so far? Feedback? What feedback? We wrote and answered these questions ourselves after a night of drinking absinthe and watching “Step Brothers.”

What are your long-term goals for this site? Absolute Interweb domination. Nothing less will be tolerated.

Kevin Bacon Game pop quiz! Terry O’Quinn-Hmmm. Okay, okay, Terry O’Quinn was in, let’s see…”Rocketeer” with Acadamy Award winner Jennifer Connelly. She was in…”A Beautiful Mind” with Acadamy Award Nominee Ed Harris. He was in…ah! “Apollo 13” with Kevin Bacon! Next!

What is the difference between radical acceleration and centripetal acceleration? Well, it depends on the problem…

Gravity is radial acceleration that the earth radiates, the gravity as if all its mass is in the center of mass. If an object were not moving around the earth, then the acceleration would be considered RADIAL.

There would be 0 centripetal acceleration because there is no circular motion.

Ac = v^2/r

if tangential velocity is 0 then Ac = 0

but because gravity is radial it still affects the object and is 9.8 m/s at the surface of the earth.

Centripetal acceleration basically needs some kind of tangential velocity making the moving object move around the central object.

Who are your journalistic and artistic influences? In alphabetical order: Stephen Glass, Geert Jan Jansen, Perry White, William Blundell, Clifford Irving and Elmyr de Hory.

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