Al Gore Reportedly “Quietly Seething” Over DNC Snub

Al Gore

A rare glimpse inside Gore’s TV room when he realized he was not invited to the DNC.

New York—Former Vice President and 2000 Presidential nominee Al Gore put on a brave face when it came to him not getting an invite to the 2012 Democratic National Convention last week in Charlotte. But people close to the Oscar winner said privately, he was actually “as angry as I’ve seen him in years, maybe decades, but all under the surface.”

Gore’s friends have told The Daily Quarterly that at first, Gore thought his invention, the internet, was working improperly, and his e-mail from the Democratic National Committee had not been delivered. But after a few calls (many of which were not returned), Gore learned he would be persona non grata at the convention.

“He cried for a few hours,” one friend said. “He cradled his Oscar and sobbed for a while, then he ate some organic cheesecake, watched ‘Love Actually’ on Showtime and felt a little better. But he was definitely hurt. Then he got mad.”

The friend said Gore then wrote a very lengthy, very sarcastic, very bitter e-mail to President Obama, and was planning to copy his former pal Bill Clinton on it, “but he forgot to save it and accidentally erased it before he sent it. Which was really for the best. He probably would have regretted it if it’d actually gone out.”

Publicly, Gore covered the convention for his cable “news network” Current TV. “But I can’t say I watched it, or really even know I have it on my cable service,” the friend continued. “I assume he actually worked on the ‘network,’ but I can’t even swear it’s a real thing.”

Gore said to colleagues that he didn’t want to harm the environment by heading down to Charlotte anyway. “Would just enlarge my carbon footprint,” Gore told his staff, perhaps jokingly, perhaps not.

But those close to him know the truth, and think that it’ll just take some time to get over this heartbreak. “I think he probably knew it was heading this direction,” Gore’s pal said. “But it still hurts when a relationship is over, whether you saw it coming or not.”

3 thoughts on “Al Gore Reportedly “Quietly Seething” Over DNC Snub

  1. I am probably what would be considered a right wing nut (rightwingnut?) by even conservative people, but I can’t imagine a past presidential candidate not being invited to his party’s convention. Maybe he wasn’t thrown under the bus, but he was sure thrown out of the back window.

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