Leaked Photo Goes Viral; Is Hollywood Making A Pirate-Dinosaur Mash-Up Flick?

A Return To Practical Effects?

To some experts this image marks a return to practical effects while others (shady, unreliable nut jobs) suggest it’s just an Instagramed store shelf display. Needless to say, we are hoping for the former. In fact we already pre-purchased tickets for “Pirates of the Jurassic Park” on Fandingo.ru.

Los Angeles—A recently-leaked picture of a toy pirate figurine sitting atop a toy dinosaur has gone viral and has set tongues wagging in both the blogosphere and the sci-fi communities, with both camps wondering if the photo foretells of an upcoming film adaptation or mash-up of the popular dinosaur and pirate film genres.

While no movie studio has come out and admitted leaking the picture, not everyone has denied leaking it, either.

A spokesman for Marvel Studios said, “Are you asking me if we are in development on a film about pirates fighting dinoaurs? Is that what you’re asking? I just want to be sure. Because the short answer is no, but the long answer is maybe.”

And many bloggers are hoping the pic is a prototype design for an adaptation of Axe Cop. “That would be epic. EPIC,” wrote Sid “Gandalf” Hirschberg, blogger for the site “Mr. Hermione Granger.” Hirschberg said he had been praying for an Axe Cop movie ever since he saw an Axe Cop t-shirt at Comic Con last summer. “I can only assume the hold up has been the division of merchandising rights.”

But whatever the outcome of the viral picture, everyone asked agreed they hoped this signified the end of CGI and a return to models being used in films, rather than all computer images.
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New Sean Connery Biography Says The Actor Was Unaware There Were Any Other James Bond Films Besides His Own

James Bond Box Set

This picture of Sean Connery's James Bond Ultimate DVD Collector's Set speaks volumes.

New York—A new unauthorized biography of Scottish acting legend Sean Connery is scheduled for release next month, but leaks are flooding the internet, and not all of the tome portrays the Oscar winner in a positive light.

The book, by noted writer Martin Hazel, claims that Connery had absolutely no clue that any James Bond films were ever made that did not star him.

“I thought they ended the franchise when I left,” he is quoted as saying in the book. “When did this happen? Get me Ian Fleming on the phone. Now!” Fleming, who created the Bond character, died in 1964.
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If You Loved “Cowboys & Aliens,” Get Ready For Bond And Han Against The Empire

Bond, Solo, Who

Bond, Solo, Who: The ultimate mashup.

Los Angeles—Well, we shouldn’t be surprised. With all the buzz surrounding the movie “Cowboys and Aliens,” it was just a matter of time before somebody in Hollywood came up with a way to capitalize on the chemistry and box-office mojo of Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig. To wit: James Bond meets Han Solo.

We’ll take a minute to let you come back to Earth after reading that. Better? Good. A source close to “Lost” co-showrunner Damon Lindelof has said that he’s working on an idea to pitch to both Eon Productions, who owns the James Bond film rights; and George Lucas himself, who owns everything else in Hollywood. Well, that’s not completely accurate, but he does own Star Wars.
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“I’ve Been A Shell Of A Human Being Ever Since:” A TDQ Q&A With Brice Beckham, Part 2

Brice "David" Beckham

The svelte Brice Beckham sporting the comparably thin RAZR from Motorola.

Read Part 1.

TDQ: Any chance in hell of there really being a “Mr. Belvedere” movie?

Beckham: It’s entirely possible… but not likely. If they did want to recycle the property, I think it would be a modern reboot of the original films more than a big screen adaptation of the TV series, since movies based on sitcoms have (rightfully) become less popular in the past decade. And even then, as your article touched on with Daniel Craig, male nanny “Mr. Mom” comedies of today are action/family hybrids starring guys like Vin Diesel, Hulk Hogan and The Rock. A wise, well-mannered Englishman probably isn’t gonna cut it at the box office. But you never know. Hugh Grant begrudgingly goes to work for Vince Vaughn? Continue reading

Mr. Belvedere Heading To The Big Screen? We Just Might Live The Good Life Yet.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig could bring the action and adventure to the Mr. Belvedere character that the late actor Christopher Hewett could not.

Hollywood—Several sources close to the project have come out confirming that “Mr. Belvedere” will be coming to a theater near you sometime in 2012.

The sitcom, which starred Christopher Hewitt as the titular butler hired by the Owens family in Pennsylvania, ran on ABC from 1985 to 1990.

“Since the day we left the air, there has been talk of making a movie,” said Brice Beckham, who played Wesley Owens on the show. Continue reading