Rihanna Insists Chris Brown’s Tattoo That Looks Like Her Beaten Face Is Somebody Else’s Beaten Face

Rihanna's New Tattoo

Rihanna claims her new tattoo is NOT a likeness of Chris Brown.

Los Angeles—Rihanna once again took the press conference route yesterday to address all the talk about the classy new neck tattoo that her…the guy she used(?) to date, Chris Brown recently unveiled. She said she felt the need to defend…Brown regarding the abomination below his right ear after many people in the media and others with taste and decency questioned whether the image was of a battered, beaten woman, and if so, if that woman was, in fact, representative of her.

“I don’t know why y’all all got to attack Chris,” a sometimes tearful, sometimes defiant Rihanna said during the eleven minute press conference. “He just trying to move on and to get on with his life, but you jackals in the press won’t let him. No, for the record, that tattoo ain’t of me. Y’all think I’m the only woman he ever beat on? Please.”
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Rihanna Under Fire For Allegedly Ripping Off Paula Abdul’s Video For “Forever Your Girl”

Paula Abdul vs. Rihanna

An analysis of the two videos has yielded some interesting results. Both share a ponderous quantity of cuts between different shoots on multiple sets. Surprisingly the Abdul video tells a more cohesive story. The costuming is nearly identical but, in this case, Rihanna’s vest appears to be more stylish.

Los Angeles—In what has escalated into one of Hollywood’s bigger she said-she said battles of the last several years, pop megastar Rihanna is being accused by former pop star Paula Abdul of completely ripping off her 1989 music video “Forever Your Girl” and filming what amounts to a virtually shot-for-shot remake of it in Rihanna’s new video for her song “Roc Me Out.”

Portions of Rihanna’s video have leaked online, and it does seem like her newest video bears some resemblance to the former “American Idol” judge and ex-Mrs. Emilio Estevez’s hit title song off her debut album released in 1988.

Indeed, the newest video from Rihanna even features actors Trevor Wright, Elijah Wood and Nikki Cox, all of whom appeared in Abdul’s video and were all children when it was shot, playing strikingly similar roles as in the earlier video. A spokesman for Rihanna issued a statement saying, in part “no one involved in the creative and inspiring filming of Rihanna’s video for ‘Roc Me Out’ was even aware that Paula Abdul had an album, let alone a video, back in the late 1980s, and had no indication that the amazing visuals that were filmed for Rihanna’s video for ‘Roc Me Out’ could possibly even begin to resemble something she (Abdul) said she created. Rihanna’s creative team is looking into these allegations, but are having a hard time believing that music videos were around in the 20th century.”
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“I Find There Is Something Fascinating About Binary Code:” A TDQ Q&A With Actress And Model Veronika London

Veronika London

Veronika London

In this week’s TDQ Q&A, we speak to actress and model Veronika London. Veronika talks to us about her tattoo inked in binary code, how well her instincts have served her in her career and her interesting food cravings. Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A with Veronika London:

The Daily Quarterly: What made you want to be in show business?

Veronika London: Love and lack of attention – A few years ago I was in love and in a relationship with an animator who was at times was more fascinated to check out the girls in Maxim magazine and watch beautiful actresses.  I decided to become that “girl.” Needless to say that relationship didn’t work out. Turns out he liked fantasizing about these women but didn’t actually want to be with one.
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“Battleship” Director Peter Berg To Start Filming His Next Movie, “Boggle”

Boggle: The Movie

It boggles the mind why anyone would make a movie about Boggle.

Los Angeles—His big screen adaptation of “Battleship” doesn’t hit theaters until May 18th but Universal Pictures and Hasbro confirmed reports yesterday that director Peter Berg will begin production later this year on his new film, “Boggle.”

“It’s a spy thriller about the solving of puzzles and cubes with letters on them,” said the press release from the studio. The studio said the story also incorporates elements from some Agatha Christie book, the 1954 dud “Destination Unknown,” known in the US as the 1954 dud “So Many Steps to Death.”

“I’m really excited to get going on this next picture,” Berg said. “We had such a blast doing ‘Battleship,’ talking about ‘Battleship,’ even playing ‘Battleship’ between takes while filming ‘Battleship.’ That Rihanna, she’s pretty good at ‘Battleship.’”
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Rupert Grint, Rihanna and Katy Perry To Star In Big Screen Treatment Of Comic Book Character “Archie”


Archie, the live action movie!

Los Angeles—Hollywood is finally coming to Riverdale! After decades of being in the funny papers and on TV as both cartoons and live-action movies, the story of the love triangle between Archie, Betty and Veronica in Riverdale is finally finding its way to theaters.

Ron Howard’s production company, Imagine Entertainment, confirmed yesterday that they’ve finalized casting and a script to bring Archie and the gang to the big screen. And it’s going to be a star-studded affair, too.

Rihanna has been signed on to play Veronica, Katy Perry’s been cast as Betty, with Rupert Grint starring as Archie, Michael Cera as Jughead, Robert Pattinson as Reggie, Doug Brochu as Moose, Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Dilton, Jane Lynch as Miss Grundy and Denzel Washington as Mr. Weatherbee. Continue reading