Pulitzer-Prize Winning Journalist And Serial Killer Pen Pal Jimmy Breslin Dies

Jimmy Breslin, center, first met RECOiL writer/director/actor Brian DiMaio, right, in the 1960’s on the set of a Piels beer commercial. “Piels—it’s a good drinkin’ beer!”

New York— Journalist and novelist Jimmy Breslin, who made a career writing for newspapers back when people could make a career writing for newspapers, died Sunday. He was 88.

Breslin first made national headlines when he was attacked in 1970 by mobster Jimmy Burke after an investigative piece he wrote disparaged a fellow mobster. In 1977, Breslin began receiving letters from the Son of Sam while working at the New York Post.

He won the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 1986. He also worked for the New York Herald Tribune, the New York Daily News and Newsday.

He also appeared on the big screen in such classic films as “Summer of Sam,” “If I Ever See You Again” and “RECOiL.”

He is survived by his second wife, Ronnie Eldridge, and four children. 

Bigamist, Astronaut, Storm Chasing Treasure Hunter Bill Paxton Dies At 61

Bill Paxton

Bill Paxton, left, fist met RECOiL writer/director/actor Brian DiMaio, right while making the film The Lords of Discipline. Paxton played the part of a haze loving cadet sharing his gift.

Actor Bill Paxton’s family announced he died Saturday from a stroke after suffering complications following heart surgery. He was 61.

Paxton was recently starring in the CBS cop drama “Training Day,” based on the Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke film. It is unclear what will become of that program now that he has passed away.

Paxton also appeared in such films as “Weird Science,” “Titanic,” “Twister,” “RECOiL” and “Apollo 13.”

He won an Emmy Award for his role in “Hatfields & McCoys.” He also was on television in such shows as “Miami Vice,” “Big Love” and “A Bright Shining Lie.”

He is survived by two children, James and Lydia, and his wife Louise Newbury.

No More Turning The World On With Her Smile: Mary Tyler Moore Dies At 80

Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore, left, with Dick Van Dyke, right. acted together on The Dick Van Dyke Show from 1961 to 1966. The two had incredible chemistry and Moore won an Emmy award. Unfortunately show creator Carl Reiner stuck to his promise of a five year run for the series.

Greenwich, CT—Mary Tyler Moore, best known for her groundbreaking single woman with a career 1970s sitcom “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” died from cardiopulmonary arrest due to pneumonia Wednesday. She was 80.

First gaining fame for portraying Dick Van Dyke’s hot wife in “The Dick Van Dyke Show” from 1961 to 1965, Moore also appeared in such TV shows as “Ellen,” “The Ellen Show” and “Hot in Cleveland.” She won one Emmy Award for her performance on “Dick Van Dyke” and two more for her work on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”

On the big screen, Moore appeared in such films as “X-15,” “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” “RECOiL” and was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in “Ordinary People.”

She is survived by her third husband, Dr. Robert Levine.

Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore, right, met RECOiL writer/director/actor Brian DiMaio, left, soon after the conclusion of The Dick Van Dyke Show. The two produced a pilot but some said the chemistry wasn’t there. The show was never picked up.

2017 Gets Its First Celebrity: Miguel Ferrer Dies At 61

Miguel Ferrer

Miguel Ferrer, center, flanked by cousins George Clooney, right, and Brian DiMaio, left. When this photo was snapped they were all laughing about how no one could remember which side of the family DiMaio came from.

Los Angeles—Miguel Ferrer, best known as the OCP executive who got blown all to hell by Eric Forman’s dad in the classic sci-fi film, “Robocop,” has died from throat cancer. He was 61.

He most recently worked on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” and also appeared on TV in such shows as “Crossing Jordan” “3rd Rock From the Sun,” “Magnum, PI” and in the 1995 miniseries, “The Stand.” 

Besides his role in “Robocop,” he also appeared in “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock,” “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2” “RECOIL” and “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta!”

Ferrer is survived by his wife Lori, sons Lukas and Rafi and his first cousin, George Clooney.

William Christopher Is Final Victim Of The Horrible Celebrity Year Of 2016

William Christopher

William Christopher, left, first met RECOiL writer/director/actor Brian DiMaio, right, on the set of MASH. DiMaio played a US Army altar boy. It was later learned that the Army didn’t enlist altar boys and the role was cut.

Pasadena, CA—William Christopher, best known for his role as Father Mulcahy on “M*A*S*H,” died on New Year’s Eve due to small-cell carcinoma. He was 84. He had been in hospice since just after Christmas. 

He also appeared in such classic television shows as “Mad About You,” “Murder, She Wrote” and “Hogan’s Heroes.”

On the big screen, Christopher was in movies like “With Six You Get Eggroll,” “The Fortune Cookie” “RECOiL” and “The Shakiest Gun in the West.” 

He is survived by his wife, Barbara, and their two sons, John and Ned. Ned has autism, and Christopher and his wife were very active in fundraising for charities that focus on autism.