“We Need To Reinforce A New Culture Of Love And Respect Amongst The Youth:” A TDQ Q&A With POWER2GETHER.com Founder Dan Malka

Dan Malka

Dan MalkaDan Malka, left, with his close personal friend Ray Donovan star Steven Bauer.

This week’s TDQ Q&A is with Dan Malka, founder of the website POWER2GETHER.com. Dan spoke to us about what inspired him to launch the site, how he hopes to reach and inspire teens today and his goal and vision for the site. Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A with Dan Malka:

The Daily Quarterly: Tell us about your website, POWER2GETHER.COM

Dan Malka: Power2gether is a secure online space designed to initiate, inspire and reward socially responsible behaviors both online and offline.

Beginning with empowering teens to become socially responsible… we want to encourage, reinforce and promote socially conscious behavior by rewarding the youth with “COOL” products for their positive and responsible actions

Power2Gether is all about training today’s youth to act with social consciousness and become positive, strong contributors in their online and offline communities. Our mission is to cultivate and empower a generation of socially responsible leaders that will be the driving force to a positive social change while integrating a fun, cool and rewarding platform that speaks the language of today’s youth.

Power2gether is social media with a purpose to instill positive values and promote leadership, social change, digital responsibility and a unified society.

TDQ: What was the genesis for you launching the site?

DM: Power2gether’s inception began a few years ago with a unique approach in hopes of resolving the issues we see today with kids on social media, the negative effects that come from it and cyber-bullying. We needed to be different, unique and cool enough where today’s youth has the desire to engage in making a difference and finding a positive way of using social media.

Social media is the way the world moves today from all aspects, and mostly the way we all connect. Launching our concept within the social space would be the most effective way to ignite what we are about to launch; especially since our target demographic pretty much lives, eats and breathes social media.

I find fascinating the ability to reach out to millions with a few clicks and we hope doing so in order to create a larger impact that will help us build an empowering P2G community wanting to make a difference in the world through our innovative and interactive model.
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New Clive Davis Autobiography Reveals His Roles In “New Coke” And His Invention Of The iPad

Clive Davis

A rare glimpse inside Clive Davis Laboratories where the magic happens.

Los Angeles—Former “American Idol” winner and star of stage and screen Kelly Clarkson isn’t the only celebrity named and skewered in record mogul Clive Davis’ new autobiography, “The Soundtrack of My Life.” Davis also said that he tried his best to prevent “massive career mistakes” that other protégé’s made, and at the same time resisted taking credit for some tremendous inventions and ideas that have helped change the world, namely, the iPad.

Early in the book, Davis said that he “wasted, ultimately, more than a month of my precious time” trying to convince Coca-Cola executives not to change the classic formula back in 1985. The advice that Davis tried to give the execs, including one former record company employee who was instrumental in the soft drink maker’s decision to “update the taste or some such nonsense,” fell on deaf ears. But David was quickly proven correct in his assessment, and was sent “a lifetime supply of the caramel-colored drink, though in all honesty,” Davis said he prefers “Tab.” Continue reading

“Like Most Middle-aged Men I Predate The Internet:” A TDQ Q&A With Writer And Professor Adam Penenberg

Adam Penenberg

Adam Penenberg's reputation for exposing illegitimate sources and bringing down frauds, coupled with supplying his own image, equates to minimal Photoshopping...this time. Expect something Steve Zahn related for part 2.

This week, The Daily Quarterly spoke to writer and ethics professor Adam Penenberg. When Adam isn’t writing ground-breaking articles or teaching at New York University, he’s letting Steve Zahn play him in movies like “Shattered Glass.” Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A with writer Adam Penenberg:

The Daily Quarterly? How did you  hear about thedailyquarterly.com?

Adam Penenberg: What’s the Daily Quarter? I still haven’t heard of it.

TDQ: How excited were you that The Daily Quarterly asked you for an interview?

Penenberg: Somewhere between the time Katie Couric interviewed me on the Today Show and my accountant asked about my business expenses for 2006.
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Wall Streeter Shocked When Cab Transforms Into Robot

NYC Robot

A view of the cab that allegedly "transformed" into a robot. Lexicographers are struggling to come up with a word to adequately describe what they saw. Carmaton is being tossed around. Vehiclebot was my suggestion, but no one seems into it. Image Credit: Scott Meadow, George Rex, Stuart Fannon

By: Scott Meadow, Contributing Robot Reporter
New York—Local Wall Street worker Tim Johnson was shocked today when his cab suddenly transformed into a huge robot in front of him.

Johnson was on his way to work on what was an otherwise completely normal day. “It’s been such a hassle to get into the office since the protests started,” said Johnson, “so I left an hour early this morning. The cab driver looked totally normal. He didn’t speak, but I can’t understand most cabbies anyway. When he mounted the curb — again pretty normal — I got out, and before I’d gotten a step or two away, the entire cab transformed itself into some sort of huge robot, right before my eyes! I don’t know what you’d call something like that, something that transforms from one thing into something else, but it was pretty amazing!”
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TDQ Tech For The Week Of 10/10/11

The GrinderyThis week, The Grindery looks back at and pays tribute to computer innovator and inventor Steve Jobs and tells us about a new product that we can’t wait to get our hands on!

They really do a great job over there at The Grindery! Last week talking to Steve Ballmer, and this week, they’re all over Steve Jobs! And to think we had no idea who either of those two guys were just a few short weeks ago!

You are now technologically informed. Go and do likewise.