Bigamist, Astronaut, Storm Chasing Treasure Hunter Bill Paxton Dies At 61

Bill Paxton

Bill Paxton, left, fist met RECOiL writer/director/actor Brian DiMaio, right while making the film The Lords of Discipline. Paxton played the part of a haze loving cadet sharing his gift.

Actor Bill Paxton’s family announced he died Saturday from a stroke after suffering complications following heart surgery. He was 61.

Paxton was recently starring in the CBS cop drama “Training Day,” based on the Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke film. It is unclear what will become of that program now that he has passed away.

Paxton also appeared in such films as “Weird Science,” “Titanic,” “Twister,” “RECOiL” and “Apollo 13.”

He won an Emmy Award for his role in “Hatfields & McCoys.” He also was on television in such shows as “Miami Vice,” “Big Love” and “A Bright Shining Lie.”

He is survived by two children, James and Lydia, and his wife Louise Newbury.

Jack Gleeson, Natalie Dormer To Star In “Princess Bride” Remake

The Princess Bride

With any luck an entire generation won’t even know or care it was a remake. Like the following films: Godzilla (1998), Planet of the Apes (2001), The Manchurian Candidate (2004), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), Clash of the Titans (2010), The Karate Kid (2010), Arthur (2011), Godzilla (2014)

Hollywood—Fans of the incredible chemistry between “Game of Thrones” favorites King Joffrey and his bride Margery can finally rejoice, as Sony confirmed yesterday that they will once again star together in the remake of “The Princess Bride.”

Jack Gleeson and Natalie Dormer were confirmed as cast as Westley and Princess Buttercup yesterday in the remake, set to be directed by Fred Savage. It will be Savage’s first time behind the camera on a major motion picture. But at least he is familiar with the material, having played “The Grandson” in the original.

Denzel Washington has been cast as Inigo Montoya, the swash-buckling swordsman searching the world over for the six-fingered man who murdered his father. Former NBA star Yao Ming has been cast as Fezzik, the friendly, rhyming giant.

“The irresistible spark seen onscreen between Jack and Natalie in the HBO show, ‘Game of Thrones’ will no doubt be visible and likely even flourish more under the astute direction of Fred Savage” a press release issued by Sony said.

Thomas Middleditch has signed on to play Miracle Max, and Kaley Cuoco has been cast as his long-suffering wife, Valerie. Stephen Root has been cast to play the brilliant kidnapper Vizzini. Nick Offerman will play the role of Prince Humperdinck.

Filming is set to begin next month, with a tentative release date of Christmas 2017. “With little to no movie competition set for December 2017, we have no doubt this movie will perform just great the box office,” Sony said.

Savage said that the studio has been “harassing me, like, literally, harassing me” about directing a remake for years. He said he hoped his TV show, “The Grinder” would serve as the perfect excuse to beg out of involvement in the movie. “But the damn critics saw to it that I now have a hell of a lot of extra time on my hands, and a family to take care of. Inconceivable.”


“Hamilton’s” Lin-Manuel Miranda To Bring “The Great Space Coaster” To The Big Screen

The Great Space CoasterNew York—Looking to capitalize on the incredible success of his Broadway smash musical, “Hamilton,” Paramount Pictures confirmed yesterday that Lin-Manuel Miranda has signed on to write, direct and star in a big-screen adaptation/reboot of the classic 1980’s syndicated children’s television program, “The Great Space Coaster.”

Miranda will be working with puppeteer John Tartaglia, who starred on Broadway in “Avenue Q” from 2003 until 2005. The film will combine live action, puppetry and CGI, according to Paramount.

“This will be a bold, innovative, daring film, bringing the joy and camaraderie shown on television in the early ’80s to today’s generation,” a spokesman for Paramount said. “We are very, very excited to work with both John and Lin-Manuel, as well as the rest of the amazing cast to bring these amazing characters to the big screen.”

Also confirmed to be in the cast are Gary Oldman as Gary Gnu, Betty White as the voice of Knock Knock the Woodpecker, Andy Serkis as Goriddle Gorilla and Denzel Washington as the rose-loving elephant, Edison.

Lin-Manuel will play the role of the evil ringmaster M.T. Promises, whose sole mission in life is to recapture the clown Baxter, who drives the Great Space Coaster, and take him back to the circus. Baxter will be played by Keenan Thompson.

Rounding out the cast of the film are Kira Kosarin as Francine, Michael B. Jordan as Danny and Joey Bragg as Roy, the teenage band members spirited away from Earth by Baxter.

Running on first run syndication from 1981 through 1986, “The Great Space Coaster” was a children’s educational television program that centered around a great space coaster that flew kids to an asteroid in space, where they encountered a wide array of colorful, puppet-like characters and sang in a band. Oddly enough, neither Sid nor Marty Krofft had any involvement in the show.

Joaquin Phoenix To Star In Film Version Of “Airwolf”

Airwolf: The Movie

One can’t help but wonder how long the studio sat on this film before giving it a green light. The male cast is looking a little long in the tooth.

Los Angeles—Paramount Pictures confirmed at a press conference yesterday that they will begin filming in Vancouver and Georgia next month on a film adaptation of the 1980s helicopter action drama, “Airwolf.”

Joaquin Phoenix has been cast as the lead, Stringfellow Hawke. Dennis Franz will star as Hawke’s co-pilot/father-figure/sidekick Dominic Santini.

The series, created by TV icon Donald P. Bellisario, ran on both CBS and the USA Network between 1984 and 1987. Bellisario,who officially retired from Hollywood in 2007 after clashing with “NCIS” star Mark Harmon, will reportedly have no involvement with the film.

Hawke’s love interest, Caitlin O’Shannessy, will be played by Disney star/singer Olivia Holt.

Barry Van Dyke will reprise his role in the television series and portray Saint John Hawke, Stringellow’s long-lost, kidnapped brother.

Denzel Washington has been signed to play Archangel Coldsmith-Briggs, an agent with “The Firm” who recruits Hawke to steal back the futuristic helicopter after its unstable creator steals it and uses it to commit acts of terror against the United States.

Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, most famous for writing on “LOST,” have been tapped to pen the script, with Christopher McQuarrie reportedly in talks to direct.

“While it is true that no current executive at ‘Paramount’ was alive when the TV show aired, most of the creative team has watched episodes online,” a rep with the production company said. “And they weren’t bad, to be quite honest. It was pretty good. And we are confident that with the right script, and a good amount of CGI, we can bring the story into the 21st century and to a whole new audience. We’re very excited. Truly.”

Phoenix also took to the podium to discuss the announcement, but said nothing during the 14 minutes he took questions from the media, before slowly walking off the stage and eating a banana. Holt said on Twitter that she was “super, crazy, MEGA excited to be in this movie! I LUVED (sic) watching AIR WoLF (sic) when I was little! SO Exited!! (sic). XOXO <3” Continue reading

“I Just Couldn’t Live My Life Always Wondering ‘What If,’ So I Went For It:” A TDQ Q&A With Bo Keister

We have to imagine Bo Keister had some kids make fun of his name when he was growing up.  Think about it...Bo. B. O.  Kids can be so cruel.

We have to imagine Bo Keister had some kids make fun of his name when he was growing up. Think about it…Bo. B. O. Kids can be so cruel.

This week’s TDQ Q&A is with actor Bo Keister. Bo spoke to us about leaving Hollywood for Virginia, his show “The Hillbilly Horror Show” and working with our favorite actor Denzel Washington. (Well, our second favorite actor behind Bo himself). Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A with Bo Keister: 

The Daily Quarterly: What made you want to be show business?

Bo Keister: As a kid, I was always into movies. I watched everything I could get my hands on, and it left its mark on me. I did plays in school, performed in choirs, and loved being on stage. But being from a small town, making it a career seemed impossible, so I kind of gave up on the idea.

When I got to college, nothing really caught my attention. There were just no majors where I said, “Yeah! I want to do that for a living.” I still had an avid love for movies, and decided to take a chance.

My dad did some snooping around and learned that Wilmington, NC had a lot of film work going on, so I drove down and checked it out. A week later, I moved there and dove in head first.

It’s one of the scariest things I have ever done, and thankfully it’s worked out. I guess I just couldn’t live my life always wondering “what if,” so I went for it.

TDQ: What was your favorite horror movie growing up?

BK: Oh, geez! That’s a tough one! There were so many great ones when I was growing up. If I had to choose one, then I’d have to go with the original “Friday the 13th.” That was my first.

TDQ: Who are your influences?

BK: I’ve had too many personal mentors in my life to name, not the least of which would be my parents, so I’ll narrow it down to actors.

I’ve always been a huge Tom Hanks fan. He has such a perfect “every man” quality to him, and he plays his roles so flawlessly you forget you’re watching him. As far as intensity goes, it doesn’t get much better than Denzel Washington. It’s a thrill to say I’ve worked with him on Remember the Titans. Lastly, I’d say Kevin Spacey. He spent a great portion of his early film career playing smaller character roles, and then when he got his shot with The Usual Suspects he blew it up. It’s hard not to admire a person who made the most of an opportunity and wowed everyone with his skills.

I can only hope to be as great as those guys one day.

TDQ: What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

BK: My first acting coach once told me, “In this business, a thimble full of boldness will make you rich.” That’s always stuck with me. When I question taking a chance in an audition, or making a bold choice for a character, that always pops into my head and gives me the gumption to try something I might have otherwise been too afraid to attempt.

TDQ: What is the worst advice you’ve ever gotten?

BK: Early on, I had many that I considered friends tell me to give up; that I was chasing a pipe dream and would never succeed. All of them said, just finish school and get a regular job. Very few thought I would make it this far; yet, 17 years later, here I am. Still going, and not going anywhere but up.

Truthfully, I should thank them. They were the fuel to the fire and drove me.

TDQ: Tell us about “The Hillbillly Horror Show”

Between shots on the set of Hillbilly Horror show we see Scott Geiter and Bo Keister presenting a makeshift birthday cake to fellow cast member Rachel Faulkner who, we must say, looks great for a 69 year old.

Between shots on the set of Hillbilly Horror show we see Scott Geiter and Bo Keister presenting a makeshift birthday cake to fellow cast member Rachel Faulkner who, we must say, looks great for a 69 year old.

BK: Hillbilly Horror Show started with the concept of creating a series that was “Hee Haw meets Tales from the Crypt” to showcase independent horror short films. Horror host shows have always been popular, but they’ve died off a bit over the years. We saw an opportunity to revive it, and it’s turned out well. What you end up with is an anthology of top notch horror shorts, blended into a comedic wrap around story that centers on our hillbilly family.

Volumes 1 and 2 are out on DVD, with 3 available for pre-order via Amazon, and volume 4 coming later this year. In addition to DVD, we’re on multiple Roku channels, VOD in the UK, South Korea, and India, and we’re hoping to launch on iTunes and Amazon Prime soon. Continue reading