New Sean Connery Biography Says The Actor Was Unaware There Were Any Other James Bond Films Besides His Own

James Bond Box Set

This picture of Sean Connery's James Bond Ultimate DVD Collector's Set speaks volumes.

New York—A new unauthorized biography of Scottish acting legend Sean Connery is scheduled for release next month, but leaks are flooding the internet, and not all of the tome portrays the Oscar winner in a positive light.

The book, by noted writer Martin Hazel, claims that Connery had absolutely no clue that any James Bond films were ever made that did not star him.

“I thought they ended the franchise when I left,” he is quoted as saying in the book. “When did this happen? Get me Ian Fleming on the phone. Now!” Fleming, who created the Bond character, died in 1964.
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Jennifer Love Hewitt, Garth Brooks To Star In Remake Of “The Bodyguard”

The Bodyguard

She promised herself she wouldn't fall in love.

Los Angeles—Warner Brothers announced yesterday that the long-anticipated remake of the 1992 Kevin Costner-Whitney Houston smash hit “The Bodyguard” will finally become a reality, this time with Jennifer Love Hewitt as the role of the bodyguard hired to protect singing star Garth Brooks’ character.

This version will focus more on technology like Twitter and Google Maps that makes the stalking of a celebrity much easier than when the first script was written in the mid-1970s, and even easier than when Costner and Houston’s version came out, the press release said.

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