Rumored Apple Accessory To Counter Increasing Android Screen Size


iGlass screen enhancer for iPhone.

Cupertino, CA – Before any scheduled Apple event the rumor mill cranks up to full speed as technology journalists compete to guess what might be up Apple’s sleeve. The event scheduled for September 10th, 2013 is no exception. Experts are predicting an incremental upgrade to the current iPhone 5 as well a new, less expensive iPhone variant. An updated 7th version of Apple’s iOS operating system, which has been available to developers hands for months, will power the new devices.

The iPhone 5 was the first iPhone version to see a larger screen size with an increase in height to match the 16:9 width to height ratio made popular by high definition television. All indications are that the iPhone 5 successor, 5S will use the same screen as the 5 and this has some analysts concerned. Expert Sonny Applebottom sums it up. “Android screen size and resolution is quickly outpacing offerings from Apple and people may no longer be satisfied with a 4 inch display no matter how many pixels it packs.”

The solution may come with an iPhone accessory that is rumored to be released with the speculated iPhone 5S. Source say the accessory will be called iGlass and it will increase iPhone screen size by a factor of two. With an effective size of 8 inches iGlass should give iPhone users an advantage over Android devices for the time being. Our source, to which we paid a handsome fee, claims the iGlass may put the screen enhancing technology at the end of an easy to hold handle. When we asked if consumers could expect a “wearable” version similar to Google’s “Glass” product our source responded with, “Oooh, yeah. That’s a better idea. I’m going to use that.”
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New Clive Davis Autobiography Reveals His Roles In “New Coke” And His Invention Of The iPad

Clive Davis

A rare glimpse inside Clive Davis Laboratories where the magic happens.

Los Angeles—Former “American Idol” winner and star of stage and screen Kelly Clarkson isn’t the only celebrity named and skewered in record mogul Clive Davis’ new autobiography, “The Soundtrack of My Life.” Davis also said that he tried his best to prevent “massive career mistakes” that other protégé’s made, and at the same time resisted taking credit for some tremendous inventions and ideas that have helped change the world, namely, the iPad.

Early in the book, Davis said that he “wasted, ultimately, more than a month of my precious time” trying to convince Coca-Cola executives not to change the classic formula back in 1985. The advice that Davis tried to give the execs, including one former record company employee who was instrumental in the soft drink maker’s decision to “update the taste or some such nonsense,” fell on deaf ears. But David was quickly proven correct in his assessment, and was sent “a lifetime supply of the caramel-colored drink, though in all honesty,” Davis said he prefers “Tab.” Continue reading

TDQ Tech For The Week Of 9/17/12

The GrinderyThis week’s TDQ Tech features the thoughts on the possibilities for the upcoming iPhone 5, and some good news about Ubisoft software.

One day, we might possibly buy an Apple product, we just can’t bring ourselves to walk into one of their genius bar places. Talk about intimidating. We don’t even feel comfortable or smart enough typing the word, “Apple.” (It took nearly 45 minutes and six mojitos to work up the nerve to finish this post. Whew! Though, maybe it isn’t so bright to drink six mojitos in 45 minutes…)

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Desperate JC Penney CEO Thinks Changing Company’s Name To Walmart Will Boost Sales


It looks busy inside. The scheme looks like it is working.

New York-Offering free haircuts in the same department store where you will soon be able to take a load off and have a cup of joe might not save sales and profits of JC Penney, so new CEO Ron Johnson is (once again) thinking outside the box.

Hoping he could do for Penney’s what he did as an executive at Apple, Johnson was brought in as CEO late in 2011 to revitalize the company. But so far, his ideas of a new pricing scheme and the resulting commercials have only confused and driven away longtime customers, dragging down both sales and the company’s stock price, which is down nearly 50% since he was hired.
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Warner Brothers Announces Live-Action “SilverHawks” Movie

SilverHawks: The Movie

Producers hope the cast, packed with star power, will make up for the obscurity of the SilverHawks franchise.

Los Angeles—Warner Brothers announced yesterday that they’re bringing yet another 80s cartoon to the big screen with a live-action adaptation of “SilverHawks,” which revolved around a team of human police officers in the 29thcentury who have metal bodies and hawk wings and fight to stop organized crime in the Galaxy of Limbo.

Jon Favreau has been signed to both write and direct the film, which the studio is hoping will be the first of a trilogy.

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