New Sean Connery Biography Says The Actor Was Unaware There Were Any Other James Bond Films Besides His Own

James Bond Box Set

This picture of Sean Connery's James Bond Ultimate DVD Collector's Set speaks volumes.

New York—A new unauthorized biography of Scottish acting legend Sean Connery is scheduled for release next month, but leaks are flooding the internet, and not all of the tome portrays the Oscar winner in a positive light.

The book, by noted writer Martin Hazel, claims that Connery had absolutely no clue that any James Bond films were ever made that did not star him.

“I thought they ended the franchise when I left,” he is quoted as saying in the book. “When did this happen? Get me Ian Fleming on the phone. Now!” Fleming, who created the Bond character, died in 1964.

Connery originated the role in the film franchise in 1963’s “Dr. No.” He portrayed Bond in a total of seven other films. Other actors who played the suave secret agent include Roger Moore, George Lazenby, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig and to a lesser extent, Timothy Dalton.

Other stunning revelations in the book include his complete disdain for any other actors or crew on the set of “The Untouchables,” for which Connery won his only Academy Award, for Best Supporting Actor.

People associated with the film are quoted in the book as saying that Connery would constantly corner members of the crew and bore them relentlessly with made-up tales and stories about how well he knew Elliott Ness personally, and how Ness’ wife constantly came on to him when he hung out with them. Ness died in 1957.

Less salacious tidbits from the book include the facts that Connery reads magazines from back to front, that he prefers the New York Daily News to the New York Times and that his nickname for Kevin Costner, his co-star in “The Untouchables,” was “Sunshine” as in, “K.C. and the Sunshine Band.”

He apparently is also a terrible tipper, hates raisins in anything other than cereal and has an odd affinity for sloths.

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  1. So now we “dis” those who have an issue with sloths?? Have you seen any sloths with a positive attitude lately?? Or just ever? Those things are just ugly and non-productive.

    • Thank you for your comment. We blame society for being slow to accept sloths as the majestic creatures they are.

    • Thank you for your comment. We have planned and entire feature article on the life and times of the majestic sloth but the piece has been slow to develop. Please check back regularly.

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    • We suspect a combination of European style tipping practices and forgetting the dollar is not as strong as the pound exacerbated the situation.

      “You are now informed. Go and do likewise.”

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