Source: Britt McHenry In Talks To Be Spokesperson For F&R Auto Sales

Britt McHenry for F&R Auto

Britt McHenry for F&R Auto.

Washington, D.C.—A source with intimate knowledge of the ongoing conversations between suspended ESPN sideline reporter Britt McHenry and embattled Massachusetts car dealership F&R Auto Sales said yesterday that the two parties are very close to a deal that would make McHenry the face of the dealership.

Seeking to capitalize on the fame that began growing in January after video surfaced of their employees berating and humiliating a pizza delivery man over a tip after he delivered a pizza to their employees, F&R is apparently looking to add McHenry to their payroll since she has gained national notoriety after video came out earlier this month showing her verbally abusing a tow lot attendant after her car was towed from a closed Chinese restaurant in Arlington, Va.

“The gang (at F&R) really admire her wicked moxie and think she’d fit right in,” the source said. “And it’s really a bit of, what do you call it, serendipity, serendipitous, that she got caught blasting the girl at a tow yard. Right? ‘Cuz F&R sells cars. And her car got towed.”

McHenry was suspended by her employer, Disney-owned ESPN, for a week after it became clear to the viewing public and people who had never heard of her that she was a very unpleasant person. She later gave a very Brian-Williams-like half apology on social media saying some nonsense about her being under stress and failing to take the high road.

An employee at F&R, who spoke to The Daily Quarterly but asked not to be named, said, “We ain’t all got college degrees like that McHenry chick. But most of us got all our teeth. And she’s on the TV. She’s a wicked big deal, and would really bring a touch of class to our car lot. She’d really like it up here. And we have pizza parties all the time.” Continue reading

Idiot Suing ESPN After “College Gameday” Daily Trivia Calendar Incorrect Answer To Trivia Question Cost Him Round Of Drinks

Calendar of Tomorrow

The estimated cost is $3000 per unit. Engineers are working hard to make the disposable device’s batteries last the whole year.

Pine Bluff, AR—A man has filed a lawsuit against cable sports giant ESPN after he lost a bar bet based on information he learned from an ESPN “College Gameday” trivia calendar.

The question at issue in the case was from the January 31 calendar page, which read, “Who holds the SEC single-season record for rushing touchdowns?” Unfortunately, in a horrible proof-reading error, the answer given at the bottom of the page reads, “Southern California in 1932 and 1933.” (When everybody knows it was Tim Tebow in 2007 with 20. Duh.)

As a result of the misinformation, John Braddock, 23, had to fork over more than $500.00 to cover the other patrons’ drinks. The price of the tab forced Braddock to have to sell his 1994 Chevy S-10 pickup truck.

His attorney released this statement: “Not only did my client suffer monetary damages in having to pay for the entire bar’s drinks after providing the incorrect answer, he also suffered irreparable damage to his reputation, pain and suffering and mental anguish. His girlfriend of 10 months has left him over this matter, taking his baby son with her. He is now estranged from his family and is a laughing stock at what was formerly his favorite watering hole.”
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Manti Te’o “Very Confident” Hawaii Five-O Can Get To The Bottom Of Lennay Kekua Hoax

Te'o Five-0

Te’o has supplied a photo evidencing his meeting with the Hawaii Five-0 team.

Honolulu—Manti Te’o, University of Notre Dame linebacker and apparent famous hoax victim, said yesterday he met face-to-face with authorities in Hawaii and is “very confident this agency can get to the bottom of the lies and deception” surrounding the internet love hoax perpetrated on Te’o over the last several years.

Te’o said he flew to Honolulu from Florida immediately after his meeting with ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap to sit down with authorities from Hawaii Five-O and provide them with information about his non-existent dead girlfriend Lennay Kekua that he believes can help track down the people behind the hoax.

“After spending a couple hours with Mr. Schaap, I flew to Hawaii to spend some time with some relatives there and also, uhhhh, you know, have a meeting with the Five-O people,” Te’o said. “I had a really productive, informative meeting with a Commander McGarrett and his team, and I feel quite certain that they can uncover, uhhh, using the methods at their disposal, what exactly happened regarding the hoax as it pertains to actions taken by the culprits in the great state of Hawaii.”
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TDQ Investigates: Brent Musburger May Suck, But He Probably Isn’t A Pervert

Katherine Webb

When asked, humans generally agreed with Brent Musburger that Katherine Webb is a “lovely lady.”

I’m not a fan of ESPN broadcaster Brent Musburger. I can still listen to him during a game, unlike plenty of other announcers who I think need to go, but I’d just as soon listen to about 25 other broadcasters. But that being said, I don’t have any particular problem with what he said about Katherine Webb, who is Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron‘s girlfriend, during the BCS National Championship Game last week.

After Webb was on camera and zoomed in on tightly during the game, Musburger said to his partner in crime, Kirk Herbstreit, “What a beauuuutiful woman. Wow! Whoa! You quarterbacks, you get all the beautiful women.” Webb is currently Miss Alabama.

Was it over the top? Maybe. But all the grief he’s getting for it, and the statement from ESPN apologizing for what he said is really unnecessary. ESPN must get tired of apologizing for its on-air talent. They just recently had to apologize for comments made by Rob Parker, one of their talking heads, saying that quarterback Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins, isn’t “black enough.” Parker is black, and since his comments has lost his job at ESPN.
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Poll Finds Most Americans Didn’t Know The National Hockey League Ended 2004-2005 Work Stoppage, Let Alone Have Any Clue About This Recent One

Hockey Lockout

Among the many benefits of a hockey lockout there is more ice available than ever before for figure skating.

New York—A recent poll co-conducted by The Daily Quarterly and USA Today found that most Americans were not aware the National Hockey League had entered its second work stoppage in a decade following a lock out of the players on September 16thafter the players union and the league failed to reach a consensus on a new collective bargaining agreement.

The poll also found that more than half of the sober respondents were unaware that the league’s prior work stoppage, which wiped out the entire 2004-2005 season, had ended, and hockey had since been played for more than six years with no interruptions,

“Yeah, yeah I know they’re on strike, or locked out or whatever. They’ve been on strike since, what, 2002 or something, right?” said New York Knicks fan and waste management advisor Frankie Ryland, 39. “I got friends who handle strikes for the right price. You want I should make a call?”
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