Selena Gomez So Desperate To Stay In The Spotlight That She Steals Kidney From Her Best Friend

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez, mobbed by fans, leaving her hospital room wearing a very elegant Dior hospital gown.

In a scene reminiscent of Tom Cruise’s “Minority Report,” (I think it was that one. The scene where he is blind and moving around that apartment holding onto strings that lead him to the fridge but he grabs the spoiled milk instead of the fresh milk. That one. That movie. Is that “Minority Report?” Or is it “Vanilla Sky?” No, it couldn’t be “Vanilla Sky.” I never watched “Vanilla Sky.” Which is weird, because I usually watch all of Cameron Crowe’s movies. I even enjoyed “Singles.” But I never watched “Vanilla Sky.”) pop princess and former would-be wizard Selena Gomez had a kidney transplant recently, with the help of her best friend, Francia Raisa. (I thought Demi Lovato was her best friend. Hmmmm. I must be getting old. I can’t keep track anymore). 

Gomez suffers from lupus, and needed a kidney. The operation was performed earlier this summer.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez, post kidney surgery, pushes through the throngs of admiring fans. Paparazzi we surprised by the backless Dior hospital gown which put Selena’s surgery scar in plain view.

(Dammit, this is really going to bug me. I guess I ought to go and stream “Minority Report” and confirm if that’s the thing I’m thinking of. But it’s so depressing that his kid gets killed. I can’t watch movies like that anymore. I still haven’t watched “Mystic River” or “Gone Baby Gone.” I can’t do it. And I like Casey Affleck’s films. I say his films, because he clearly is a jerk. From what I’ve read. He was okay in “The Coward that Shot Jesse James” or whatever the heck it was called. That was a long movie, though. And as usual, Garret Dillahunt was good in that movie. He’s good in every movie he’s in. I really enjoyed him in “No Country for Old Men.” That was good. Incidentally, I asked around the office who would give me a kidney if I needed it, and suddenly everybody had a meeting to go to, even the interns. Except one intern, Matt. He said he’d give me a kidney. But that kid drinks Mountain Dew and Red Bulls non-stop. Like literally. Thanks, but no thanks, Matt.) 

But we wish Selena and her bestie, whoever she is, a speedy recovery.

TDQ Investigates: The Recent Spate Of TDQ-Inspired Tattoos

Selena Gomez's new TDQ Tattoo

Selena Gomez’s sporting her new TDQ Tattoo at the 2014 AMAs.

Look, we aren’t prudes here at The Daily Quarterly. Especially about tattoos. We have a couple of our own ourselves. I have one on each arm, one of my fave president, Howard Taft, and another of that drawing of Heisenberg from “Breaking Bad.” And Karl has one on his chest of his wife’s name (horribly misspelled, unfortunately), as well as “All Your Base Are Belong to Us” on his right forearm.

And we are truly flattered to see people all over the country, including celebrities, who have begun getting The Daily Quarterly tats, some with our trademark pipe, some of our slogan, and still others of “TDQ.” But we have to caution the few of you who are getting TDQ face tattoos.

Forget the amount of pain associated with getting a face tattoo. And forget the cost. We just don’t want people thinking that a TDQ face tat’ is something we can condone or encourage.

We were thrilled a few weeks ago when Selena Gomez sported her new TDQ tattoo while performing on the AMAs. But our thrills soon turned to tremendous anxiety when Garth Brooks took the stage a short time later with a TDQ tattoo on his famous Country face.

We appreciate it, Garth, we really do. But not all of the nation finds face tattoos appealing, especially on the faces of Country greats. We just worry about what a TDQ face tattoo will do to your record sales. Not everybody who is cool with L’il Wayne’s face ink feels the same about other recording artists.

The bottom line is, just be careful about where you want to show your love for TDQ. You can always buy a TDQ shirt or mug, or a couple dozen copies of our books if you’re not into body art. And there are plenty of other parts on your body to show off that you’re a hardcore TDQ fan, just be careful about stuff above the neck.

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“I Get To Lose Myself In My Work:” A TDQ Q&A With Costume Designer Marina Toybina

Marina Toybina

Marina Toybina’s latest Emmy award was for a costume that appeared in the 55th annual Grammy Awards. All she needs now is Tony award for a costume used in a musical based on the Oscar awards and she will have an E.G.O.T.!

This week’s TDQ Q&A is with Emmy Award-winning costume designer Marina Toybina. Marina spoke with us about her Russian roots, her designer inspirations and what it’s like dressing Hollywood’s biggest names. Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A With Marina Toybina:

The Daily Quarterly: What made you want to be a costume designer?

Marina Toybina: I’ve been designing for quite some time now and have had the pleasure and the opportunity to experience all sides of design. Costume design feels to be the most appropriate world for me, at least for right now. I get to lose myself in my work; where I can truly express my creativity and imagination to its full potential.

TDQ: Who was your favorite designer growing up? 

MT: Alexander McQueen and Eiko Ishioka.

TDQ: You have worked with such stars as Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Carrie Underwood, Avril Lavigne and Justin Bieber, just to name a few… Who has been the most fun to work with? 

MT: All of these great artists have been a dream to work with. Each experience differs from the other and I’ve been very fortunate to say the least, to be able to design in such diverse measures.

TDQ: What is the best advice you have ever gotten?

MT: To quit on my dreams and find something else that will offer me stability and “normalcy”….this particular advice made me risk it all and do the complete opposite. I’m beyond grateful that words of negativity had a different outcome for me.
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Smalltown Newspaper Editor Catching Grief For Too Much Selena Gomez News Coverage

No News Like Gomez News

Editor St. George insists that the paper is reporting all the news that it should be. And if that news happens to contain an additional Selena Gomez perspective that is a bonus to the readers.

Port St. Lucie, FL—The editor of the town’s last remaining daily newspaper has received criticism of late for an inordinate amount of articles featuring the goings on of former Disney starlet Selena Gomez.

Troy St. George, editor of the Port St. Lucie News, has been called out by other news outlets in the area for what they perceive as too much about the 21 year-old Texas native.

A recent study of the newspaper’s articles found that nearly 56% of the news content over the past three months featured Gomez in some way or another. The “Wizards of Waverly Place” star was mentioned in articles ranging from local high school wrestling to an editorial about recently-embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s drug use and alleged hooker patronage.

But the editor deflected accusations that he was focusing too much on the talented singer/actress. “That’s ridiculous,” St. George said. “I mean, what would you have me do? Fill the entire paper with stories about Obamacare? Or downer pieces about natural disasters? Or worse, sports? Come on!”

St. George said he was merely featuring news that was pertinent to his readers. He said the local residents had often written him letters asking for more positive news and stories about the good things celebrities did, “like break up with that snot-nosed, no-talent Justin Bieber” and “release songs that have a catchy vibe and are easy to listen to, like ‘Slow Down.'”
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Yet Another Woman Suing Justin Bieber, This Time Alleging He Bought A Dog With Her

Alleged Bieber Dog

Bieber claims there is no evidence the dog is his.

Charleston, SC—As if the teen superstar didn’t have enough legal issues right now, a woman has filed a lawsuit claiming Justin Bieber is the father of her 11 month-old Beagle, and the singer owes her more than $250,000.00 in “canine support.”

The lawsuit claims that Renee Denofa, 19, met Bieber backstage after a concert he gave in Atlanta in March of this year, and that the two had “a brief but meaningful encounter that led them to engage in a mutual, consensual purchase of the dog. But Mr. Bieber has not upheld his part of the responsibility of dog ownership, and has not responded to e-mails or posts left on his Facebook fan page seeking support.”

Denofa’s attorney, Gabriel Duval, said his client has “photographs and other supporting documents to prove that Bieber is, in fact, the father of the puppy dog,” and she is only seeking what is “morally and ethically hers.”
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