Oprah Hoping To Land Exclusive Interview With Bill Clinton Admitting He Cheated On Hilary

Possible Oprah Interview

Artist’s impression of Oprah’s next big scoop.

Chicago—A source close to Oprah Winfrey has confirmed exclusively to The Daily Quarterly that the former queen of the daytime talk show has gotten her interviewing juices flowing again after breaking the story to the entire world that perhaps maybe seven of the last dozen or so Tour de France bicycle races might have been won by a cheater.

“She was really stoked to be the first journalist in the world to get the scoop that perhaps those wins were tainted,” the source said. “Being able to bring that sort of scandal to the forefront, especially in a sport like cycling, which is so universally respected and looked at to be such a clean sport that other professional sports looked up to, it really got her going.”

The source said Oprah was really proud of the recent interview, and was almost as excited to do that sit-down as she was when she interviewed author James Frey and was the first person in the world to suspect that Frey’s book, “A Million Little Pieces” wasn’t all it was purported to be. Oprah famously took Frey and the book’s editor, Nan Talese, to task on her show, and exposed the book as fiction to the entire viewing world, stunning anybody who’d read the book.
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Al Gore Reportedly “Quietly Seething” Over DNC Snub

Al Gore

A rare glimpse inside Gore’s TV room when he realized he was not invited to the DNC.

New York—Former Vice President and 2000 Presidential nominee Al Gore put on a brave face when it came to him not getting an invite to the 2012 Democratic National Convention last week in Charlotte. But people close to the Oscar winner said privately, he was actually “as angry as I’ve seen him in years, maybe decades, but all under the surface.”

Gore’s friends have told The Daily Quarterly that at first, Gore thought his invention, the internet, was working improperly, and his e-mail from the Democratic National Committee had not been delivered. But after a few calls (many of which were not returned), Gore learned he would be persona non grata at the convention.

“He cried for a few hours,” one friend said. “He cradled his Oscar and sobbed for a while, then he ate some organic cheesecake, watched ‘Love Actually’ on Showtime and felt a little better. But he was definitely hurt. Then he got mad.”
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