TDQ Top Ten List: Top Ten Films That Were Totally Not Worth The Hype

admitnoneWe made the mistake recently of watching “The Deer Hunter” after years and years of hearing how great a movie it was. De Niro, Streep, Oscar for Christopher Walken, it had to be great, right? Wrong. Thus, we were inspired to come up with this list, the Top Ten movies that were not nearly as good as the critics would make you believe. Save yourselves the time and take the advice of this list, not another list compiled by an overpaid film critic. You’re welcome.

1)  “The (aforementioned) Deer Hunter”- The wedding and reception portions of this film took longer than my wedding and a good chunk of my honeymoon. Performances were decent, but get to the point, already.

2) “Django Unchained”- We love Tarantino, and that Austrian guy was really good, but this is another example of a movie being at least a half hour too long.

3) “The Big Lebowski”- Not a fan of dream sequences in most films, and dream sequences in bowling alleys are even worse. Unfunny, unentertaining and a waste of Jeff Bridges’ talent altogether.

4) “Blade Runner”- Sorry Harrison Ford fans, but he set the bar so high with “Raiders of the Lost Ark” that it was a total shame that he made this overhyped mess. By far his worst science fiction flick, and maybe his worst movie not co-starring Anne Heche.

5) “Argo”- Don’t feel bad for Ben Affleck boys and girls. He still got his Oscar when this 2 1/2 hour remake of The Beastie Boys “Sabotage” video won Best Picture.
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NASA Working To Predict Crash And Burn Of Kim Kardashian’s Marriage

Kardashian Control Center

A glimpse inside NASA's Kardashian Control Center. The E! television network contracted NASA to conduct the study so they can plan their programming accordingly. NASA will, literally, take anything it can get.

Cape Canaveral, FL—NASA scientists said yesterday they are doing their best to tell us when the marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries will fail later this year. It’s just that if they’re a little bit off, it could mean the difference between paparazzi having to fly from Florida or from New York. Or, say, Los Angeles or Las Vegas.

Pinpointing where and when the total collapse of this doomed marriage will ultimately happen is an imprecise science at best. For now, scientists predict the earliest it will fail is Thursday, October 7th, the latest Saturday, December 31st.

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Man Loses Job, Girlfriend Over “Horrendous, Incomprehensible” Tweets Berating Sandra Bullock

Bullock Pooh-Poohed by Twitterer

Bullock Pooh-Poohed by Twitterer. (Artist's impression of the incident.)

Carson City, NV— A once-beloved real estate agent’s life has been turned upside down over recent tweets he made disparaging America’s Sweetheart, Sandra Bullock.

Clark Monroe’s girlfriend has left him, and he was fired from Thompson Realty after fourteen years, including three as “Top Lister” of the year, following tweets he posted on April 30 and May 1.

The first post appeared on his Twitter page at 10:13 pm on April 30 and read: “Finaly (sic) watched The Blind Side. Sandra Bullock won Oscar for THIS?? Really?”
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