Erich Mrak Is Releasing New Music TODAY, People!

Editor’s Note: Due to distribution issues, there are different links to “Drive” below:

TORONTO-Continuing his 7 month campaign, Erich Mrak follows up January’s “Navigate” with his latest single, “Drive.” Written by Erich & his in-house producer, Bento, with production done by the latter, “Drive” discusses an early memory of Erich’s from February, 2017, involving an impromptu drive, a birthday party, and Bon Iver’s “33 God.” “Drive” is the 2nd of 6 singles being released each month from January to June, making up an as yet untitled EP. Towards the end of the campaign, a live off-the-floor rendition of each song will be released as well.

Here are the links to “Drive”

Spotify : // spotify:album:2Ff7qMOhICeQmiIBUsNS8N 
Soundcloud :
I-Tunes :
Apple Music :

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