“Battleship” Director Peter Berg To Start Filming His Next Movie, “Boggle”

Boggle: The Movie

It boggles the mind why anyone would make a movie about Boggle.

Los Angeles—His big screen adaptation of “Battleship” doesn’t hit theaters until May 18th but Universal Pictures and Hasbro confirmed reports yesterday that director Peter Berg will begin production later this year on his new film, “Boggle.”

“It’s a spy thriller about the solving of puzzles and cubes with letters on them,” said the press release from the studio. The studio said the story also incorporates elements from some Agatha Christie book, the 1954 dud “Destination Unknown,” known in the US as the 1954 dud “So Many Steps to Death.”

“I’m really excited to get going on this next picture,” Berg said. “We had such a blast doing ‘Battleship,’ talking about ‘Battleship,’ even playing ‘Battleship’ between takes while filming ‘Battleship.’ That Rihanna, she’s pretty good at ‘Battleship.’”

Berg said the script for “Boggle” is “pretty complex. It’s really boggles my mind how complex the story is. You could say it’s mind-boggling. It’s gonna be fun!”

Casting has not yet been completed, Berg said, and added, “We’re all scrabbling around Hollywood, or as I call it, ‘Candy Land,’ like hungry hungry hippos saying, ‘Guess Who,’ trying to find the right actors. But we don’t have a monopoly on talent, you know. Sometimes we have to take a risk, climb chutes and ladders to find that uno person just perfect for a role. But I guess that’s just the game of life, right?”

When asked about the recent trend of Hollywood making motion pictures based on board games, and why so many of those movies “really, really suck,” Berg quickly pointed to the success of films like “Jumanji” and “Clue,” and said it’s not a new phenomenon. “People have been doing it for years. ‘The Wizard of Oz’ was based on the game ‘Twister,’ and even that Shakespeare dude I read about in high school did it. He wrote ‘Othello,’ and that was centuries ago. Act I Scene III, ‘A minute to learn. A lifetime to master.’ You ever play that game? It’s crazy hard. Sorta like ‘Boggle.’ And ‘Battleship.’”

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