Universal Milking Dr. Seuss For All He’s Worth; Making Another Movie, This One Based On Response To Fan Letter

Los Angeles—Universal confirmed yesterday that the studio is continuing to ride the Dr. Seuss wave by turning another, lesser-known work by the beloved children’s author into an animated film: a letter to a fan that the good doctor sent in 1987.

Universal bought the rights to the letter, mailed to a then-ten-year-old Susan Eddy of Oak Grove, California in March 1987. It was written by Seuss himself in response to a fan letter Eddy sent the author in November the previous year. Under the terms of her agreement with Universal, Eddy is barred from revealing any of the contents of the one-page letter, which sources have said does not rhyme and is rather condescending. The same sources have said that Eddy was paid “north of a million bucks for the rights to the letter” from the author of “The Lorax” and “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”
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“Battleship” Director Peter Berg To Start Filming His Next Movie, “Boggle”

Boggle: The Movie

It boggles the mind why anyone would make a movie about Boggle.

Los Angeles—His big screen adaptation of “Battleship” doesn’t hit theaters until May 18th but Universal Pictures and Hasbro confirmed reports yesterday that director Peter Berg will begin production later this year on his new film, “Boggle.”

“It’s a spy thriller about the solving of puzzles and cubes with letters on them,” said the press release from the studio. The studio said the story also incorporates elements from some Agatha Christie book, the 1954 dud “Destination Unknown,” known in the US as the 1954 dud “So Many Steps to Death.”

“I’m really excited to get going on this next picture,” Berg said. “We had such a blast doing ‘Battleship,’ talking about ‘Battleship,’ even playing ‘Battleship’ between takes while filming ‘Battleship.’ That Rihanna, she’s pretty good at ‘Battleship.’”
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Universal Planning Reboot of Expected-to-be-Successful “Cowboys And Aliens”

Cowboys & Aliens

Cowboys & Aliens: fans will ultimately decide if "pre-boot" pays off for franchise.

Hollywood—Universal announced today that it plans to reboot “Cowboys & Aliens” and is looking at an opening date of May 27, some nine weeks before the “first” “Cowboys & Aliens” hits theaters.

“Based on the buzz we’ve gotten since we announced ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ last year, we really think now is the time to capitalize on it and reboot the franchise,” Universal spokesman Jay Horowitz said.
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