TDQ Investigates: How Can Carrie Underwood’s Songs Hate Men So Much When She’s Married To A Hockey Player?

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood protesters argue their case to police at a recent event. Rumor has it that after hearing some Underwood lyrics the allegedly philandering officer joined the protest.

In this, our second editorial exposing the lousy lyrics of today’s music, we examine Carrie Underwood’s not-so-subtle man bashing in some of her songs.

Now, by and large, we love Carrie Underwood. She is far and away our favorite Grammy-winning vegan American Idol winner from Oklahoma. But we fear it’s obvious that she wouldn’t like us, what with us being men and all.

Because it’s clear in her lyrics that she has progressively gotten more violent in her feelings on men who done her wrong. She’s gone from taking baseball bats to headlights and slashing tires to deciding not to wake up her abusive father so a tornado can flatten their home with her old man passed out drunk on the couch, to finally conspiring with the other woman to kill a cheating husband.

Not since the Dixie Chicks, those anti-America, anti-patriot Texans brought us the song “Goodbye Earl” a decade ago has offing a husband been so catchy.

But with the lyrics

“Two months ago his wife called the number on his phone
Turns out he’d been lying to both of them for oh so long
They decided then he’d never get away with doing this to them
Two black Cadillacs waiting for the right time, right time”

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Rihanna Under Fire For Allegedly Ripping Off Paula Abdul’s Video For “Forever Your Girl”

Paula Abdul vs. Rihanna

An analysis of the two videos has yielded some interesting results. Both share a ponderous quantity of cuts between different shoots on multiple sets. Surprisingly the Abdul video tells a more cohesive story. The costuming is nearly identical but, in this case, Rihanna’s vest appears to be more stylish.

Los Angeles—In what has escalated into one of Hollywood’s bigger she said-she said battles of the last several years, pop megastar Rihanna is being accused by former pop star Paula Abdul of completely ripping off her 1989 music video “Forever Your Girl” and filming what amounts to a virtually shot-for-shot remake of it in Rihanna’s new video for her song “Roc Me Out.”

Portions of Rihanna’s video have leaked online, and it does seem like her newest video bears some resemblance to the former “American Idol” judge and ex-Mrs. Emilio Estevez’s hit title song off her debut album released in 1988.

Indeed, the newest video from Rihanna even features actors Trevor Wright, Elijah Wood and Nikki Cox, all of whom appeared in Abdul’s video and were all children when it was shot, playing strikingly similar roles as in the earlier video. A spokesman for Rihanna issued a statement saying, in part “no one involved in the creative and inspiring filming of Rihanna’s video for ‘Roc Me Out’ was even aware that Paula Abdul had an album, let alone a video, back in the late 1980s, and had no indication that the amazing visuals that were filmed for Rihanna’s video for ‘Roc Me Out’ could possibly even begin to resemble something she (Abdul) said she created. Rihanna’s creative team is looking into these allegations, but are having a hard time believing that music videos were around in the 20th century.”
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