Rihanna Insists Chris Brown’s Tattoo That Looks Like Her Beaten Face Is Somebody Else’s Beaten Face

Rihanna's New Tattoo

Rihanna claims her new tattoo is NOT a likeness of Chris Brown.

Los Angeles—Rihanna once again took the press conference route yesterday to address all the talk about the classy new neck tattoo that her…the guy she used(?) to date, Chris Brown recently unveiled. She said she felt the need to defend…Brown regarding the abomination below his right ear after many people in the media and others with taste and decency questioned whether the image was of a battered, beaten woman, and if so, if that woman was, in fact, representative of her.

“I don’t know why y’all all got to attack Chris,” a sometimes tearful, sometimes defiant Rihanna said during the eleven minute press conference. “He just trying to move on and to get on with his life, but you jackals in the press won’t let him. No, for the record, that tattoo ain’t of me. Y’all think I’m the only woman he ever beat on? Please.”
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