Yet Another Woman Suing Justin Bieber, This Time Alleging He Bought A Dog With Her

Alleged Bieber Dog

Bieber claims there is no evidence the dog is his.

Charleston, SC—As if the teen superstar didn’t have enough legal issues right now, a woman has filed a lawsuit claiming Justin Bieber is the father of her 11 month-old Beagle, and the singer owes her more than $250,000.00 in “canine support.”

The lawsuit claims that Renee Denofa, 19, met Bieber backstage after a concert he gave in Atlanta in March of this year, and that the two had “a brief but meaningful encounter that led them to engage in a mutual, consensual purchase of the dog. But Mr. Bieber has not upheld his part of the responsibility of dog ownership, and has not responded to e-mails or posts left on his Facebook fan page seeking support.”

Denofa’s attorney, Gabriel Duval, said his client has “photographs and other supporting documents to prove that Bieber is, in fact, the father of the puppy dog,” and she is only seeking what is “morally and ethically hers.”
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