TDQ Investigates: The Recent Spate Of TDQ-Inspired Tattoos

Selena Gomez's new TDQ Tattoo

Selena Gomez’s sporting her new TDQ Tattoo at the 2014 AMAs.

Look, we aren’t prudes here at The Daily Quarterly. Especially about tattoos. We have a couple of our own ourselves. I have one on each arm, one of my fave president, Howard Taft, and another of that drawing of Heisenberg from “Breaking Bad.” And Karl has one on his chest of his wife’s name (horribly misspelled, unfortunately), as well as “All Your Base Are Belong to Us” on his right forearm.

And we are truly flattered to see people all over the country, including celebrities, who have begun getting The Daily Quarterly tats, some with our trademark pipe, some of our slogan, and still others of “TDQ.” But we have to caution the few of you who are getting TDQ face tattoos.

Forget the amount of pain associated with getting a face tattoo. And forget the cost. We just don’t want people thinking that a TDQ face tat’ is something we can condone or encourage.

We were thrilled a few weeks ago when Selena Gomez sported her new TDQ tattoo while performing on the AMAs. But our thrills soon turned to tremendous anxiety when Garth Brooks took the stage a short time later with a TDQ tattoo on his famous Country face.

We appreciate it, Garth, we really do. But not all of the nation finds face tattoos appealing, especially on the faces of Country greats. We just worry about what a TDQ face tattoo will do to your record sales. Not everybody who is cool with L’il Wayne’s face ink feels the same about other recording artists.

The bottom line is, just be careful about where you want to show your love for TDQ. You can always buy a TDQ shirt or mug, or a couple dozen copies of our books if you’re not into body art. And there are plenty of other parts on your body to show off that you’re a hardcore TDQ fan, just be careful about stuff above the neck.

You are now informed. Go and do likewise. Continue reading