Miley Cyrus Wondering What’s Taking Selena Gomez So Long To Wreck Her Career

Cyrus, Gomez

“Better the devil you know than the angel you don't” -Hama Tuma

Hollywood–It seems Selena Gomez may not be the next Miley Cyrus after all. At least, that’s how it looks to Ms. Cyrus herself.

Now that her mega-hit Disney Channel show is complete, Miley Cyrus finds herself in the news for her actions off-screen. After recently catching flak for videos showing her smoking Salvia from a bong, Cyrus is hoping that her next scenes on television are more scripted, and less controversial.

Meanwhile, Gomez, the other 18 year-old engenue starring in a hit Disney Show, is showing no signs of following in Miley’s footsteps, at least off-screen. Gomez seems to be working hard to maintain her down to earth girl (or Wizard, if you’re a fan) next door image. Her second album recorded with the Scene, A Year Without Rain was just certified gold, and her television show, “Wizards of Waverly Place” is currently airing its fourth and final season.

She’s known for wearing a promise ring that says “True Love Waits,” signifying she’s saving her virginity for marriage. She’s never seen exiting limousines inappropriately or taking nude pictures for famous photographers as Cyrus did for Annie Leibovitz in 2008.

This type of behavior is raising some eyebrows around Tinsel Town.

“No lap dances at wrap parties, no tattoos, no pole dancing at awards shows,” said a source close to both Gomez’s and Cyrus’ agents. “Gomez needs to step her game up if she wants to ruin her career anytime soon. Her PR people need to remind her that America loves a comeback. But first you have to make sure you have your fall. Nobody can say how proud of you they are for overcoming your demons when you don’t have any. I mean, come on! Does she really think Dr. Drew (Pinsky, from VH1’s Celebrity Rehab) wants anything to do with a star if they’re sober? She needs to think about the last half of her career. She clearly isn’t planning ahead. Could be a big mistake.”

And Cyrus said she hoped to enter rehab at the same facility as Gomez one day, but it seems that day may be a ways off.

“I was all excited about Demi (Lovato) entering rehab (for physical and emotional stress late last year),” Cyrus said. “I thought for sure that Selena would be right behind her. But it looks like the damn b—- didn’t get the f—— memo. I don’t have all damn day. She needs to get with the program so we can do a comeback tour together. Damn.”

It appears that until Gomez gets the right people around her who can help destroy her career, she won’t have anything to resurrect by the time she’s 30. Cyrus hopes that’s not the case.

“I keep telling my people to get with her people,” Cyrus said. “I have some the best career-killers in the world. They also do work with Charlie Sheen.”