Mark Harmon, Never Really Thrilled Playing “Jethro Gibbs,” Contemplating Leaving “NCIS”

Mark & Mindy?

If writers don't shape up NCIS character Jethro Gibbs actor Mark Harmon is likely to ship out. A Mork and Mindy reboot would, likely, be his next step.

Los Angeles—Anonymous sources closely associated to the CBS megahit show “NCIS” have said that the star of the long running crime drama, Mark Harmon, is in tense negotiations to renew his contract and keep his character, Jethro Gibbs, on the program for another four seasons.

“It’s been no secret, really, that Jethro hasn’t been Mark’s favorite character,” said the source, on the condition of anonymity, and who definitely is not Harmon’s agent, Harold Detwiler. It’s not. Not him. Stop. “Mark’s always felt that Gibbs is way too conservative in his attitude and appearance, and it would be really great if he could be a little bit more flamboyant.”

The source said that Harmon has approached series creator Donald P. Bellisario in the past about changing up the character’s look and persona, maybe from a head trauma that could last an entire season or something, but Bellisario has always nixed the idea.

Harmon’s always been hard-pressed to continue with the show in the past, since this has been hs most successful professional endeavor. “He didn’t want to go all Shelley Long or Barney Fife or that guy who’s now on ‘CSI: Miami’ but left ‘NYPD Blue,’” the source said, referring (we assume) to other actors who have left their successful TV show long before the show had lost its popularity.

But the past year or two, Harmon has felt he may be ready to try other projects with other individuals.

Another source close to Harmon, (not his NCIS co-star Michael Weatherly, so just get that crazy notion out of your head right now) said, “He’s said to me, he said, ‘Try me, just try me. If I walk I’ll get with Pam (his wife, actress Pam Dawber) and we’ll do a ‘Mork and Mindy’ reboot. You think there isn’t an audience for that? Think again, chief!’ And I believe him, I really do.”

Fred DiMaio contributed to this piece

13 thoughts on “Mark Harmon, Never Really Thrilled Playing “Jethro Gibbs,” Contemplating Leaving “NCIS”

  1. Please! Bellisario hasn’t been show running this show since Season 4, when he and Harmon had a standoff. Current showrunner is Gary Glasberg, between him and Bellisario were Shane Brennan. Harmon is an exec producer.

    Also, check your facts. Harmon signed for two years last winter. His contract doesn’t end until end of Season 10.


  2. The author of that bullsh*t doesn’t deserve I post, still, I want to ask: doesn’t he know that April Fool’s Day is only the first of the Month? ^^

  3. I agree with you, April Fool’s Day is over! And I think the person who wrote this story ment to send to the National Enquire. You know the Zine with all those “I had an Alien’s Baby on his Spaceship last week” type of stories!!

  4. Can anybody out there tell me this, How many different ways has Dinozzo called Mcgee by other names ie; Mcgoo, Mcgeek, etc, and what are they?

  5. DiNozzo called McGee about a million different things. My fave is Proby Won Kenobi. McBlivious and McLover are two more I can think of. *fangirls*

  6. Why do nearly all (Those that don’t play SEALS) actors in Bellisario’s productions wear submarine dolphin insignia? A lot of it is absurd, female petty officers on aircraft carriers (otherwise known as bird farms) and JAG personnel. Just curious…

    • The Wikipedia article on Submarine Warfare Insignia states:

      “Originally, the submarine insignia was to be worn by officers and men qualified in submarine duty only when attached to submarine units or submarine command organizations. The right to wear the pin was revoked if the service member transferred to a non-submarine billet. In 1941 the Uniform Regulations were modified to permit a service member to wear the submarine insignia for the duration of his career, once so authorized.”

      So, it would seem, those characters are former submariners that have moved on to other things.

      “You are now informed. Go and do likewise.”

  7. I love nsci and think the chemistry is great between the actors. I only started watching it didn’t reLise mark Harmon was in it. Bought box set. Serous 11 just finished. Hope mark comes back would t whatcha it if he wasn’t in it

  8. Largest load of crap fiction ever written. This should be yanked from the net. It’s 2016 and Harmon has signed on ye again. A contract that ends in 2018 season.

  9. Definately a boatload of crap!! – Mark has ALWAYS said he’s wanted to play this character from the moment he read the 1st script and the name of his character. He said it was a character he would love to play!

    Additionally, he and Pam have had a long time agreement that their careers were better not mixed together -with the exception of the 1 film they did together, “I Remember April.” – which was awesome, by the way.

    writer better be careful about posting bs – might get him sued.

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