Jennifer Love Hewitt, Garth Brooks To Star In Remake Of “The Bodyguard”

The Bodyguard

She promised herself she wouldn't fall in love.

Los Angeles—Warner Brothers announced yesterday that the long-anticipated remake of the 1992 Kevin Costner-Whitney Houston smash hit “The Bodyguard” will finally become a reality, this time with Jennifer Love Hewitt as the role of the bodyguard hired to protect singing star Garth Brooks’ character.

This version will focus more on technology like Twitter and Google Maps that makes the stalking of a celebrity much easier than when the first script was written in the mid-1970s, and even easier than when Costner and Houston’s version came out, the press release said.

Though it was unlikely that either Costner or Houston would be associated with the new incarnation, the recent death of the singer did have a hand in getting the remake back on track.

As noted in the Warner Brothers’ press release, “Actually, it was Whitney’s untimely death last month at the age of 48 that led us to really push through and get rolling on this. We now have a sense of purpose to complete this film and dedicate it to her, much as Steve McQueen’s death 12 years prior to the first ‘Bodyguard’ film was the catalyst to get that one made.”

Kevin Costner’s role as Frank Farmer was originally written with McQueen in mind, and Diana Ross was to play the diva role.

And even though the dynamic is “turned on its head” making the female lead the bodyguard, Hewitt will reportedly get her hair cut in the same style as Costner’s ‘do in the 1992 version, which was itself a tribute to Steve McQueen’s iconic hairstyle.

It was recently announced that Brooks will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame later this year, which helped ease the producers’ minds about changing up the roles. And though Love Hewitt fancies herself a singer, and has actually released an album, sources close to the film have said that “under no circumstances whatsoever will she be allowed to utter any noises that might even possibly considered an attempt at making music or singing. It’s stipulated in her contract, and it’s really, for the benefit of everyone, everyone, involved. Really.”

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