Kim Kardashian’s Own Personal Research Finds That Rest Of The World View Her Pretty Much The Same Way She Thinks We Do

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian reflects upon herself in the mirror of public opinion but sees only what she wants to. Also, remember that Friends episode?! The one where Joey got a turkey stuck on his head!

Los Angeles—Kim Kardashian said she thinks she has a pretty good feel for how Americans view her, but she wanted to get an idea on how she comes across “to the rest of the smart, informed people in the Earth.”

Kardashian said she thought it would be neat to see if her message translates to the rest of the world, or if she needs to make any changes. So, being the hands-on go-getter that she is, she jumped in with both pedicured feet and started digging.

“On Halloween, the very first thing I did when I woke up that day after eating lunch was make a video showing my support for the victims of Superstorm Mandy (sic), then I posted it to YouTube, then I spent the afternoon calling news outlets from all over the world that are based in Los Angeles, and I asked their top reporters, I said, you’re the top news reporter guy from like Canada or some other place in the Middle Asia (sic), what do your viewers think of me? What’s their opinion of all my charitable work and of what I do?”
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TDQ Tech For The Week Of 11/5/12

The GrinderyThis week’s TDQ Tech features a Grindery piece about the wonders of technology helping take some selfish idiot off the road. I’m sure if Steve Jobs hadn’t faked his own death last year, he would applaud his technology having a hand in helping bring to justice such lowlife driving scum. Fantastic work.

You are now technologically informed. Go and do likewise.

Wall Streeter Shocked When Cab Transforms Into Robot

NYC Robot

A view of the cab that allegedly "transformed" into a robot. Lexicographers are struggling to come up with a word to adequately describe what they saw. Carmaton is being tossed around. Vehiclebot was my suggestion, but no one seems into it. Image Credit: Scott Meadow, George Rex, Stuart Fannon

By: Scott Meadow, Contributing Robot Reporter
New York—Local Wall Street worker Tim Johnson was shocked today when his cab suddenly transformed into a huge robot in front of him.

Johnson was on his way to work on what was an otherwise completely normal day. “It’s been such a hassle to get into the office since the protests started,” said Johnson, “so I left an hour early this morning. The cab driver looked totally normal. He didn’t speak, but I can’t understand most cabbies anyway. When he mounted the curb — again pretty normal — I got out, and before I’d gotten a step or two away, the entire cab transformed itself into some sort of huge robot, right before my eyes! I don’t know what you’d call something like that, something that transforms from one thing into something else, but it was pretty amazing!”
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“I’ll Take The Working Class Drunk Over The Socialite Drunk Any Day:” A TDQ Q&A With English Teacher Jay Haffner

Jay Haffner

Educator Jay Haffner struggles to balance the equation of how to expose students to the good information on the internet without exposing them to the bad. (And it isn't because he's an English teacher.)

This week, The Daily Quarterly speaks to Apopka High School English teacher Jay Haffner. Once we spit out our gum and quieted down, Mr. Haffner talked with us about the state of writing in American high schools, Dungeons and Dragons and the stunning lack of access to short wave radios during his childhood. Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A with English teacher Jay Haffner:

The Daily Quarterly: How did you hear about

Jay Haffner: I heard about The Daily Quarterly through the wonders of social media. I logged onto Facebook one day and noticed I had a couple of requests to join some groups. Sandwiched in between the “I Lost 50 Pounds In 24 Hours” group and the “Dungeons and Dragons” fan page was a request for The Daily Quarterly. I figured, “Why the hell not?” on all three requests!
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School Crossing Guard Makes YouTube Video Asking Loretta Swit To Be His Date For His Bowling League Awards Banquet

Vincent Gulbis

A frame from the Vincent Gulbis YouTube video. Gulbis is old enough to remember when Loretta Swit was still good looking and lacks the eyesight to tell otherwise.

Terre Haute, IN—School crossing guard Vincent Gulbis was so inspired by the YouTube video of Sgt. Scott Moore asking actress Mila Kunis to be his date for the Marine Corps Ball, that he decided he’d make his own video to ask a certain Hollywood actress to accompany him to his big night.

The video of Gulbis in his yellow crossing guard vest holding his stop sign has since been taken down by YouTube, who cited licensing issues over the image of an Indiana stop sign, but not before it was seen by more than 450 people.
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