Rihanna To Play Beyonce In New Bio-Pic

It's Destiny, Child! The Beyoncé Knowles Story

It's Destiny, Child! The Beyoncé Knowles Story starring Rihanna as Beyoncé and Denzel Washington as Jay-Z.

Los Angeles—Producers of an upcoming biographical movie about the life and career of Beyonce Knowles confirmed yesterday they have signed singing star Rihanna to portray the singing star Beyonce.

The film, which will be called “It’s Destiny, Child!,” is scheduled to begin production at the end of February.

It will chronicle Beyonce’s childhood, rise to stardom as a solo artist, and her current career as an actress, spokesperson and mother.

“We’re just terribly, terribly thrilled to be able to work with a wonderful professional like Rihanna in this film about a wonderful professional,” said producer Sid Black. “Everyone at Paramount Pictures is very, very excited to begin work on this project, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with any possible clandestine organization that Rihanna or Beyonce may or may not be a part of. None. Whatsoever.”
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