NCAA Investigating Report That FSU’s Jameis Winston Assaulted FSU President With A Turkey On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Kerfuffle

This alleged Instagram photo shows the alleged turkey thrown, allegedly, by Jameis Winston at alleged FSU president John Thrasher.

Tallahassee—Various sources, including, but not limited to, the New York Times reported last night that the NCAA is investigating accusations that Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston is in hot water once again after he struck university President John Thrasher “on or about the head, neck and shoulders” with a turkey during Thanksgiving dinner at Thrasher’s home.

Mark Emmert, current NCAA president, issued a statement that said, in part, “To be quite honest, this really presents a myriad of issues and possible violations on both the university’s part and the student-athlete’s.” Emmert didn’t say how this latest blemish on Winston’s record would affect the team’s bowl bid. The statement went on, “On the one hand, one has to wonder why the school’s quarterback would be at the home of the school president for a meal, regardless of whether that meal is Thanksgiving or not. Then, there is the allegation that the student-athlete allegedly attacked said university president with what has been described as a ten or fifteen pound turkey. And yet still more witnesses have said that gravy and stuffing was involved. We’re still looking into that.”

Florida State is looking to repeat last year’s championship season, and some fans have accused the NCAA and media outlets for unfairly targeting the program.

“Some accounts say Mr. Winston hopped up on the dinner table and shouted obscenities prior to striking Mr. Thrasher,” Emmert said. “Yet other accounts say that Mr. Winston walked into the residence, went to the rear of the home and took a bag of the turkey and then left the property without saying anything, then he hit the president with the turkey when he wouldn’t get out of his way quickly enough for his liking. And still another account said that Mr. Winston autographed dozens of turkeys, which is an NCAA violation, before hitting Mr. Thrasher with one of the turkeys.”

Calls seeking comments from Winston’s camp were not immediately returned. Fortunately for the Seminoles, they have an off week this Saturday, they only have to play the Florida Gators. Continue reading

TDQ Investigates: Fareed Zakariah’s Sins Extend All The Way To Us, Too

Fareed Zakariah

One thing is sure: Fareed Zakariah always has a place here at The Daily Quarterly.

We didn’t read much stuff written by CNN’s Fareed Zakariah, who was caught a couple weeks back lifting parts of other writers’ works and passing them off as his own in The New York Times. In the great tradition of journalistic plagiarism and lies, Zakariah was caught and has been suspended by the various news outlets he wrote for.

Now, we at TDQ love a good scandal, especially a good journalism scandal. We’re still mesmerized by the Stephen Glass saga, and were thrilled when we landed a TDQ Q&A with journalist Adam Penenberg. (Chuck Lane, Glass’ editor The New Republic who had to try and clean up his mess, recently politely declined to do a TDQ Q&A.)
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“Like Most Middle-aged Men I Predate The Internet:” A TDQ Q&A With Writer And Professor Adam Penenberg

Adam Penenberg

Adam Penenberg's reputation for exposing illegitimate sources and bringing down frauds, coupled with supplying his own image, equates to minimal Photoshopping...this time. Expect something Steve Zahn related for part 2.

This week, The Daily Quarterly spoke to writer and ethics professor Adam Penenberg. When Adam isn’t writing ground-breaking articles or teaching at New York University, he’s letting Steve Zahn play him in movies like “Shattered Glass.” Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A with writer Adam Penenberg:

The Daily Quarterly? How did you  hear about

Adam Penenberg: What’s the Daily Quarter? I still haven’t heard of it.

TDQ: How excited were you that The Daily Quarterly asked you for an interview?

Penenberg: Somewhere between the time Katie Couric interviewed me on the Today Show and my accountant asked about my business expenses for 2006.
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“New York Times” Naively Thinking New Editor, Reboot Of Paper’s Backstory Can Boost Sales

The New York Times

The New York Times reboot starts with the selection of a new font. Cards like these will be included with the paper so consumers can pick their favorite.

New York—Former Washington bureau chief for The New York Times and investigative reporter Jill Abramson was named the paper’s new executive editor last Tuesday. She will be succeeding Bill Keller, who is stepping down to become a full-time writer for the paper since he didn’t really enjoy being the editor with all its perks, money and prestige.

In addition, all the other editors and writers are getting a makeover, and Times readers can’t stop talking about it, once they’re made aware of the change.
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