Londoners Thrilled, Relieved The NFL Is Scheduling Another Game In London In 2013 Besides The Jaguars/49ers Game

(American Style) Football

What would make a US based American Style Football team want to travel all the way across “The Pond” (Atlantic Ocean) to play some American Style Football on a Soccer field? Perhaps an endorsement from a prominent multinational corporation.

London—Scores of current and would-be NFL fans were able to breathe a sigh of relief when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced last week that there would be a second NFL game played at Wembley Stadium during the 2013 season, and the United Kingdom wouldn’t just be stuck with one real team, in this case the San Francisco 49ers, playing the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Goodell said the Minnesota Vikings will host the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 29th, next year, nearly a month before the 49ers beat the holy hell out of the Jaguars on October 27th.
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TDQ Investigates: How To Improve The NFL Pro Bowl

Circus of the NFL Stars

Circus of the NFL Stars: if they were better at football they wouldn't be in this mess!

So it seems NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is unhappy with the annual spectacle/exhibition game played in Hawaii known as the Pro Bowl, and said before the Super Bowl last week that he may do away with the game itself, if the quality is so poor like this last one. And some football fans have been saying for years that it’d be more entertaining to see some sort of skills competition rather than a 68-65 football score-fest.

But we say take it one step further, and make it not just a skills competition, but bring back an 80s-staple of network TV that was unceremoniously taken off the airwaves long before its time. I’d love to see a “Circus of the NFL Stars!”
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Major Stipulation In Sale Of Los Angeles Dodgers Is That They Change Sports And Become Football Team

Dodger's Football

Artist's concept of the transition from baseball to football at the existing Dodger's stadium.

Los Angeles—Several sources have confirmed that whoever the rich sucker that swoops in to buy the troubled Los Angeles Dodgers turns out to be has been told by Major League Baseball that the team has to make the switch from playing baseball to professional football to get any ownership bid approved.

Whoever that is, according to sources, will get a $70 million discount on the Dodgers’ price tag to make the move. The Dodgers have been in LA since they left Brooklyn after the 1957 season, and have been playing baseball since 1883.
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TDQ Investigates: National Football League In Bed With Hollywood

The NFL/Hollywood history.Hollywood via Canton—Despite not having a franchise in Los Angeles, the NFL’s presence in Hollywood is as strong as it’s ever been. And The Daily Quarterly has uncovered just how strong the ties are between Tinsel Town and Canton, OH.

A source close to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has told TDQ that the NFL has helped finance several motion pictures over the last few decades. And just last week, after 15 years of not having a say in the Academy Awards Show, the NFL flexed its muscle again and chose the hosts, Anne Hathaway and James Franco.

“There are two schools of thought about last week’s show,” the source said, under the condition of anonymity. “One school is that they actually were trying for a younger demographic like most people had though going in. The other thought is that they wanted a trainwreck of a show to distract from the possible NFL lockout on the horizon.”

The source said it’s no coincidence that both the Raiders and the Rams left LA shortly after David Letterman’s turn at hosting the Oscars in 1995, which, before this year, was widely regarded as one of the worst Oscar hosting jobs in the show’s history. Letterman was handpicked by Paul Tagliabue, NFL commissioner at the time. The source said it’s widely known throughout the industry that Tagliabue himself wrote the ill-fated “Uma/Oprah” bit.

“After that, they (the NFL) knew they had to lower their visibility in LA,” the source said.

But that hasn’t stopped the NFL from being responsible for some of the most horrendous films in American cinema.

The NFL had its hands in producing or otherwise-financing “Ishtar,” “Waterworld,” “Gigli,” “River of Death,” and “Robot Jocks.” The source said the NFL has attempted to put out some good football movies, but each time it tried, they all fell short of expectations.
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