The “Wrong” Richard Sherman Accidentally Tapped To Write Score For New Disney Movie

Sherman And Sherman

Richard Sherman the football player, left, was mistaken by a younger production assistant for long time Disney songwriter Richard Sherman, right.

Los Angeles—Well, despite his blossoming fame and recent success in Super Bowl X…LM whatever 48 is in Roman, it seems that not everything is shiny happy people in Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s world.

It appears, according to unnamed sources, that a production assistant’s mix-up has led to footballer and Stanford alum Richard Kevin Sherman being offered the opportunity to score the next Disney/Pixar film, instead of Disney composer stalwart Richard Morton Sherman.

And what may be an even bigger surprise, Richard (NFL player) Sherman has actually turned in a catalog of songs to Disney execs. However, the results have been deemed “a bad example for children,” despite the obvious, if perplexing, talent he clear talent he has for writing songs quickly.

“The film isn’t titled yet,” said a source close to the situation, “but it’s a lesser-known, untapped Hans Christian Anderson tale. But as of right now, it’s in development hell because of a newly-needed rewrite.”

Richard Morton Sherman, played by either the temp from “The Office” or that annoying kid from “Rushmore,” depending on which source you believe, has not  commented on the matter. Disney, too, is trying to shush the story it seems, “feeling more embarrassed than the Monday after ‘John Carter’ opened. They don’t want anything to do with him, and are thrilled that he didn’t do one of those ‘I’m going to Disneyland!’ commercials.”
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TDQ Investigates: What Happened To The Story-Telling Peddler At The Beginning Of “Aladdin?”

Agrabah City

Flyers have been put up around Agrabah city. The Daily Quarterly vows to get to the bottom of this mystery. Or, at least, scratch the surface very deeply.

Of the several, nay, dozens of glaring plot issues we have with the Disney “classic” “Aladdin,” the one that we still lose sleep over to this very day is the unanswered question we have about the peddler who introduces the story at the beginning of the flick. They never revisit him at the end! He starts the story, but disappears by the time the credits roll. What the heck happened to him?

He was a rather important character, wasn’t he? At least at the beginning of the movie anyway. He started the whole film! That’s not an important enough gig to warrant a re-visit at the end of the movie? If it was a time issue, and Disney was all of a sudden worried about running long, they surely could have cut one of the dozens of grown-up Hollywood star impressions that Robin Williams did the entire movie that completely sailed over the heads of anybody under 12 in the theater.
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Now That Heat Have Lost The NBA Finals, Chris Bosh Can Concentrate 100% On Lawsuit Over Facebook Page Comparing Him To “Monsters, Inc.” Character

Chris Bosh

The Facebook fan page in question. The resemblance is uncanny.

Miami—Miami Heat “player” Chris Bosh might not have earned himself a championship ring, trophy, respect or anything else earlier this month, but he can take solace in knowing that losing the NBA Finals in six games gives him the opportunity to commit full-time to his pending lawsuit against the creator of a Facebook fan page comparing Bosh to “Randall” from the Disney-Pixar film, “Monsters, Inc.”

Lawyers for Bosh issued a statement regarding the lawsuit saying, “While Mr. Bosh certainly would have enjoyed winning his basketball matches and celebrating in Miami with his colleagues and hoisting the NBA Cup, he does find a measure of comfort in being able to concentrate completely in putting a stop to this childish, scandalous page on the social networking site known as ‘Facebook.’” Continue reading