Long Lost Photo From Behind-The-Scenes On The Set Of “Jurassic Park” Going Up For Auction

Jurassic Park Deleted Scene

This still from a Jurassic Park deleted scene looks terrifying.

Los Angeles—The find of a lifetime by a science fiction film buff will be going up for auction next month, and the current owner is hoping the piece will fund his retirement.

Marty Kasserman found a rare behind-the-scenes still photograph from the set of the Steven Spielberg mega-hit, “Jurassic Park.” Kasserman, who found the photo at a local garage sale, said the photo isn’t dated, and it seems the “character” in the picture didn’t find his way into the finished product.

“I don’t want to guess too, too much about the scene they were filming,” Kasserman said. “But you can see that the dinosaur is mauling and preparing to devour that little girl. I bet it was terribly exciting. It’s a shame this scene ended up on the cutting room floor.”
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