TDQ Tech For The Week Of 4/9/12

The GrinderyThis week’s TDQ Tech brings you a Grindery story about the hazards of linking something called Klout to something called MySpace, and a piece about the next direction the makers of Blackberry are headed.

We’ve told ourselves for a while now that we need to get one of them Blackberries. Or a Jitterbug. Maybe once our T-Mobile contract is up. We’ll see.

You are now technologically informed. Go and do likewise.

Kim Kardashian Tweets, Texts And Posts On Facebook That She Plans To Be More Private In 2012

Kim Kardashian

Is Kim Kardashian turning her back on the limelight? We sure hope so!

Los Angeles—Kim Kardashian called a press conference yesterday to formally announce her New Year’s Resolution for 2012: To lead a more private life. She also posted this resolution on her Twitter account, Facebook page and nearly-defunct Myspace account.

She said this newfound privacy will be showcased on her E! television program, and she hopes to prove to the American public just how private she’s being in weekly press conferences throuought the upcoming year.

“I really, really learned a hard lesson last year during my marriage to Reg- I mean, my husband,” Kardashian said. “And it is my sincere hope that you all will join me in my journey as I strive to be a more private person.”
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