Bode Miller Thinks Michael Phelps Underachieved In Regards To Partying On An Olympic Level

Bode Miller and Friends

This paparazzi photo from a recent Las Vegas weekend shows an introspective Phelps with the weight of the world, or at least all those gold medals, on his shoulders. Phelps was not invited to fellow Olympian Bode Miller’s star studded party held in a stretch Jacuzzi limousine parked in the fountain outside of the Bellagio hotel.

Nashua, NH—Uber-swimmer Michael Phelps may have left the 2012 Olympic Games in London as the most accomplished Olympic athlete of all time with 22 medals, but not everyone is so happy with his performance. Winter Olympics “athlete” Bode Miller said he wonders if the experiences Phelps had during his Olympics trips to Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London have really made him a better person overall.

“I mean, yeah, that’s great and all, 20 medals or whatever,” Miller said. “But, I mean, what sort of experiences are you bringing back from the Olympics, bro? How many other dudes and chicks did you meet and party with, you know? Is your life really enriched by medals? It’s about the dream of socializing and sharing experiences with other people from other walks of life in other countries, and the Olympics is really the best way to do that.”
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“Choose Your Own Adventure” Brand Under Fire For “Selling Out,” Making Book With Just Two Endings And The Rest Filler

Choose Your Own Adventure

The publishing industry is always looking for new ways to monetize their wares.

New York-The publisher of the popular children’s book series has come under fire for their latest book, which is comprised of just two different endings and more than 100 pages dedicated to the insurance company, GEICO.

The installment, entitled “Choose Your Own Auto Coverage,” comes in at 128 pages, but only 11 pages are actual story and choices, with the remaining 117 pages a history of the GEICO insurance company and pictures of the company mascot, the Gecko.

“I mean, as an adult, I’m bored out of my mind,” said children’s book critic Michael Harris. “I can only imagine what a kid would think. They might like one or two of the pictures of the gecko, I guess, but seems to me, unless he’s talking, he’s just another lizard.”
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