British Authorities Trying To Come Up With “Really Neat Way” To Lure Julian Assange Out Of Ecuadorian Embassy

Assange, Ecuadorian Embassy

Authorities were sure this was going to work. As of the of this writing it has not.

London—Holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy since June, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is trying the patience of British authorities, who want to extradite him back to his home country of Sweden, where officials there want to talk to him about an ongoing sexual assault investigation.

Assange was granted diplomatic asylum inside the embassy, and said he fears being sent home to Sweden will eventually lead to him being extradited to the United States where he would face charges over Wikileaks’ acquisition and posting of sensitive diplomatic cables.

And to date, he hasn’t left the embassy, leading to Scotland Yard’s finest scratching their heads for the best way to lure him out.
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Wikileaks Releases Tense Text Exchange Between CIA And FBI After FBI Embarrassed CIA In Front Of The President And The CIA’s Friends Who Were In Town For The Weekend


Inter-agency tensions on the rise.

Washington, DC—It appears tensions were especially high between the CIA director and FBI directer earlier this year after they had dinner at the White House with a few friends of the CIA who had come into town, according to Wikileaks. The internet  organization known for publishing submissions of private media has released texts in its possession of a heated back-and-forth between the directors.

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Wikileaks Releases Texts, E-mails Between Man And His Ex-girlfriend; His Fiancee’s “SUPER Pissed.”

Wik Leaks

Wiki Leaks continues to make a mess.

Sioux City, IA—It appears Wikileaks has struck again. The international non-profit organization known for publishing submissions of private, secret and classified media from anonymous sources has released 42 pages of e-mails and text messages between unemployed welder John Maddux and his ex-girlfriend, Heather Heyward.

Maddux is currently engaged to Josey Lewellen. They’re scheduled (for now, anyway) to tie the knot March 12th. But the e-mails and texts between Maddux and Heyward are all from January and February this year. Continue reading