TDQ Tech For The Week Of 2/6/12

The GrinderyIn this week’s TDQ Tech, The Grindery gang brings takes you down memory lane, and brings you a story about another big company making another big advertising mistake. When will these companies learn?

Now that Shaq is retired, he might as well make some more video games. It ain’t like he’s gonna coach, right?

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Urban Meyer Loses It During Game Of “Words With Friends” Over What He Called “Made-up Words” Integrity, Honesty And Loyalty

Urban Meyer's Words with Friends Board
TDQ laboratories have recreated our best guess as to how Urban Meyer’s Words with Friends game appeared.

Columbus, OH—Unnamed sources have come forward and confirmed reports that they saw newly-hired The Ohio State University football coach Urban Meyer and overheard his bewilderment and eventual anger when playing the “the wildly addictive iPhone-based crossword game” Words with Friends.

“I don’t think he meant to be as loud as he was,” said one source, who said he was sitting three rows ahead of Meyer while waiting in line at the Columbus Dept. of Motor Vehicles last Friday. “He started off rather quiet, but you could tell he was seeing words he wasn’t familiar with and thought the people he was playing the game with were all liars and cheats.”
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TDQ Tech For The Week Of 11/28/11

The GrinderyIn this week’s TDQ Tech, The Grindery reviews some electronic equipment to help you find that perfect television or cellular telephone for the Christmas season.

We’re still baffled at the television commercials we saw this past weekend touting cellular telephones that take photographs and video. And they’re so proud of their texting abilities, what about being able to talk on them? Bah. Give me the good ol’ days of the late 1980s when if you weren’t near a phone (with a cord, mind you!), then nobody could reach you. And you were damn glad to be out on a lake somewhere with no way in  hell for your wife to get you on the phone. Good times…

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TDQ Tech-Week of 9/5/11

The GrinderyIn this week’s installment of TDQ Tech, our pals at The Grindery bring us Steve Jobs’ reaction to the newest Apple iPhone prototype loss, and tell us about the newest products being showcased at this year’s International Evildoer Convention. (Fingers crossed that our reservations for next year’s convention don’t mysteriously “disappear” like they did this year. Vegas, baby!)

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