She Found Her Happy Place; Frances Bay Dies

Frances Bay

It was Frances Bay who actually invented the "marble rye" bit when she snatched a marble rye from creator/director Brian DiMaio on the set of RECOiL, and refused to give it back..

Los Angeles—Frances Bay, Happy Gilmore’s grandmother in “Happy Gilmore,” died Thursday. She was 92.

Born in Mannville, Alberta and raised in Manitoba, Bay, born Frances Goffman, put her burgeoning acting career on hold when she got married. She moved with her husband, Charles, to South Africa until the 1970s, when Charles’ job moved them to California. It was then that she again turned to acting, in her mid-fifties.

Besides appearing most recently on ABC’s “The Middle” as Aunt Ginny, Bay also appeared as Fonzie’s grandmother on “Happy Days,” guest-starred in “The Dukes of Hazzard” and famously refused to give up her marble rye on “Seinfeld.”
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