Another Top Ten List: Questionable Doctors


These “doctors” share a host of similarities including high hair lines, pet cats, glasses and prominent hand gestures.

Since our list of top ten movies was such a hit, we thought we’d toss this list out, and see who salutes. (That’d be a good list too, Top Ten Mixed Metaphors! Write that down…) This is a list of people who, for one reason or several, seem to not exactly scream “MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL” despite being known as “Doctor.” Take a look, and we’ll send you our bill when you’re finished.

Dr Pepper (soft drink) – He doesn’t even have a period after “Dr.” What the hell is that all about? Major red flag. (Full disclosure, I can’t stand the drink, either. Coke is it!)

Dr. Dre (rapper, producer) – Sure, he’s successful and rich and has launched the careers of a bunch of other artists, but I don’t think I’d want him cutting me open or prescribing me meds. Is “Dre” short for something? Continue reading

George Lucas Purchases Rights To First Six James Bond Films; Will, Of Course Digitally Alter Them

Dr. No - Lucas Edition

In this modified scene there is no doubt that the bad guy shot first. Dr. No - Lucas Edition will surely have James Bond fans saying "No!"

San Francisco—Not content to anger the rabid fan base of one hugely successful film franchise, Star Wars creator George Lucas has now set his sights on the James Bond series, purchasing the rights to the first six films in the series so he can “polish them up and re-release them with the story improved so they portray original creator’s intention.”

And what, pray tell, was the original creator’s, in this case, Ian Fleming’s, intention? Apparently, according to Lucas, it was that Bond only kills in self-defense and as a last resort. We can hear the outcry now: “Bond shot first!”
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