“A Really Big Shew:” A TDQ Q&A With Businessman And Former Talk Show Host Michael Essany, Part 1

Michael Essany

Michael Essany had his own talk show at the age of fourteen. How's your "to do" list going?

This week, TDQ interviews businessman and former talk show host Michael Essany. Michael had his own TV show, “The Michael Essany Show” at 14, and moved it to E! a few years later. Pretty much makes your teenage years sound pretty lame, doesn’t it? He spoke to us about his role in the Royal Wedding, the challenges of hosting a talk show and Police Academy movies. Here is Part 1 of our TDQ Q&A with Michael Essany:

The Daily Quarterly: How did you hear about thedailyquarterly.com?

Michael Essany: I was having a Zima with Prince William after his tux fitting and I asked what that was on his iPad.
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But Seriously, Though: A TDQ Q&A With Comedian Louis Martin, Part 1

Louis Martin

Louis Martin!!!

Here is Part 1 of our TDQ Q&A with comedian Louis Martin
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When you’re a nationally-known comedian, and your name is an entry in “The Urban Dictionary,” you’re either doing something really wrong or really right. We caught up with Louis Martin, which is no easy task. He was kind enough to answer our questions, and talk about everything from how great he thinks The Daily Quarterly is (he’s right, you know) to the struggles comedians face in the business they’ve chosen. This is Part 1 of our TDQ Q&A with Louis Martin:

The Daily Quarterly: How excited were you that The Daily Quarterly asked you for an interview?

Louis Martin: Clearly I was enthusiastic when I heard TDQ wanted to interview me. I postponed my “Comedy Central” Special to be available for this.
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TDQ Investigates: National Football League In Bed With Hollywood

The NFL/Hollywood history.Hollywood via Canton—Despite not having a franchise in Los Angeles, the NFL’s presence in Hollywood is as strong as it’s ever been. And The Daily Quarterly has uncovered just how strong the ties are between Tinsel Town and Canton, OH.

A source close to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has told TDQ that the NFL has helped finance several motion pictures over the last few decades. And just last week, after 15 years of not having a say in the Academy Awards Show, the NFL flexed its muscle again and chose the hosts, Anne Hathaway and James Franco.

“There are two schools of thought about last week’s show,” the source said, under the condition of anonymity. “One school is that they actually were trying for a younger demographic like most people had though going in. The other thought is that they wanted a trainwreck of a show to distract from the possible NFL lockout on the horizon.”

The source said it’s no coincidence that both the Raiders and the Rams left LA shortly after David Letterman’s turn at hosting the Oscars in 1995, which, before this year, was widely regarded as one of the worst Oscar hosting jobs in the show’s history. Letterman was handpicked by Paul Tagliabue, NFL commissioner at the time. The source said it’s widely known throughout the industry that Tagliabue himself wrote the ill-fated “Uma/Oprah” bit.

“After that, they (the NFL) knew they had to lower their visibility in LA,” the source said.

But that hasn’t stopped the NFL from being responsible for some of the most horrendous films in American cinema.

The NFL had its hands in producing or otherwise-financing “Ishtar,” “Waterworld,” “Gigli,” “River of Death,” and “Robot Jocks.” The source said the NFL has attempted to put out some good football movies, but each time it tried, they all fell short of expectations.
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