Roger Clemens Trying To Get Back To Where He Thinks He Belongs

Roger Clemens

Part of Roger Clemens’ contract included the rights to design his own baseball card.

Houston—Now that he’s through with that aggravating perjury trial mess, former Red Sox-Blue Jays-Yankees-Astros pitcher Roger Clemens can finally concentrate on getting back on the mound and doing what he does best: throwing strikes. (Not lying to Congress)

The 50 year-old right-hander is trying to make a comeback, and will start for the Sugar Land Skeeters of the independent Atlantic League against Bridgeport this Saturday.

Clemens last pitched in the Majors in 2007 for the Yankees, where he started 18 games and was 6-6 with a 4.18 ERA. This was four years after he retired the first time in 2003, and went on a retirement tour with the Yankees and had lovely parting gifts bestowed upon him every time he visited a different city during the season.
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TDQ Tech For The Week Of 1/23/12

The GrinderyIn this week’s TDQ Tech, we’re pleased to bring you the story of how The Grindery single-handedly destroyed the horrible SOPA and PIPA bills, and a heartwarming tale of two cellular phone companies working together to make a better cellular world.

My wife says that I myself have often chanted “Grindery! Grindery! Grindery!” in my sleep, especially over the last few months. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

You are now technologically informed. Go and do likewise.

Former “Deeder Leader” Phineas Downey Hoping To “Help” US Postal Workers

USPS Publication 28, Postal Addressing Standards, Section 22.3

USPS Publication 28, Postal Addressing Standards, Section 22.3 is clear about the use of city abbreviations. It is acceptable, but not preferred.

Washington, DC—Mere days into the new year, former Deeder leader Phineas Downey has found something else to gripe about, another “cause” he’s created and finds himself at the forefront of. And this time, it’s about writing addresses on mail. Really.

Downey, apparently not content to spend the holidays with whatever poor folks make up his family, was clearly looking for his next made-up cause hoping to start 2012 in the news cycle.
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“ESPN The Magazine” Under Fire For Article Asking, “What If Roger Clemens Weren’t A Complete Jerk?”

Bristol, CT—ESPN The Magazine editors are coming out swinging, defending the recent magazine cover that accompanied their controversial article about former Cy Young award winner Roger Clemens,  reimagining his legal troubles and career under the farfetched notion that he was a nice guy.

The article, written by Bob Ryan, suspends all disbelief as it examines how differently allegations of adultery with a woman under 18, use of performance-enhancing drugs and lying to Congress would have been viewed and reported on by the national media if Clemens weren’t such a pompous, arrogant jackass.
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