Man’s Attempts To Learn Esperanto To Impress Female Co-Worker Not Progressing Like He’d Hoped

Dick Davis:  Creep Co-worker

Dick Davis hopes that one day he finds enough courage and learns enough Esperanto to say, "Saluton."

Milwaukee,WI—Hoping not to come off as totally creepy, software developer Dick Davis has been studying Esperanto for the last year trying to impress his co-worker, on whom he said he has a “totally life-altering crush.”

But the results haven’t been exactly what he’d hoped for in his studies.

“No, I don’t know. I overheard her in the restroom 18 months ago saying to her friend that she was really into guys who speak more than one language,”Davis said, making sure his co-worker wasn’t within earshot. “I didn’t want to just be the guy who spoke French or Italian, like any schmo. I thought she’d be impressed if I learned something different, and I really thought Esperanto was the best option. Plus, I figured it’d be easy, but it’s a lot damn harder than it looks.”
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TDQ Investigates: George Lucas Adding “NO!” To “Return Of The Jedi” Scene Where Vader Tosses The Emperor

Star Wars Fans Unite

An alliance of fans rebel against the recent changes made by Lucas to upcoming Star Wars Blu Ray disc releases poised to bolster the Lucasfilm movie empire.

Here we go again. People who have nothing better to do are once again upset with visionary billionaire filmmaker George Lucas for improving upon films that he made nearly 30 years ago. He’s using technology today that wasn’t available to him when he made the “Star Wars” “trilogy” to make them far more enjoyable and watchable.

This time, uber-nerds are all up in arms over him making that dude who dresses in black vinyl yell “NO!” as he tosses the old dude in his bathrobe over some railing and down some sort of shaft or something in the movie with the giant slug and the walking teddy bears. And said nerds are taking to the medium they know best to show their outrage: social media.
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