TDQ Goes High Tech With Our Newest Feature

The GrinderyWe’re very excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with our good friends at The Grindery to bring you the latest in technology news once a week in a new feature we’re calling “TDQ Tech.”

Each week we’ll tell you what’s new and exciting in the world of iPads and science and technology and other things we really don’t understand. We’ll bring you the very latest that The Grindery has to offer in their expert coverage of the tech world.

In our first installment, you can read about an exciting new discovery regarding black holes, and see what happens when a laptop repair for a friend goes horribly, horribly wrong.

And we really appreciate the gang over there explaining to us who this Steve Jobs dude is.

You are now technologically informed. Go and do likewise.

Astrophysicist “Totally, Totally Bummed” That Large Hadron Collider Hasn’t Created Black Hole Yet

Large Hadron Collider

With 27 kilometers (17 miles) of crap like this the Large Hadron Collider is likely to break down again and spare us all from being swallowed by a man-made black hole.

Nashville, TN—The international scientific community may be happy with the progress CERN’s Large Hadron Collider has made since it first came online, but that doesn’t mean every scientist is pleased with the results. Dr. Shreyas Aida from Vanderbilt University thinks the particle accelerator is “slacking off, big-time. What the hell is the hold-up?”

The accelerator, located some 574 feet below the Earth’s surface near Geneva, Switzerland, was designed with the hopes of addressing some of the most fundamental questions of physics, advancing the understanding of the deepest laws of nature. But Aida thinks it’s not been used to its full potential to date. Continue reading