City Manager For Small Vermont Town Forcing City Employees To Confirm Their Disdain For Other Small Vermont Town

Karlsfield,VT—The city manager of this small town in Vermont has a new requirement for City employees: that they wholeheartedly be “anti-Bennington,” referring to another small town in the southern part of the Green Mountain state.

Kevin Miles, City Manger for Karlsfield, located in northern Vermont, is mandating that all employees sign an “Anti-Bennington Pledge” declaring that they reject everyone and everything living in, near, or having any association whatsoever with Bennington.

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Miles said that the goal “is not to offend Vermont citizens, though we really don’t know if you can call people in Bennington ‘citizens,’” but to “declare who we are as a thriving, progressive, open-minded town that loathes intolerance, unlike that hayseed-filled burg, Bennington.” Continue reading