“Seven Second” Law Will Make It Illegal To Watch Any Recorded Television Program That Contains Music

Copyrighted Media Booth

The future of media consumption will be the copyrighted media booth. Users can pay to listen to music or watch video content in a controlled environment where they can enjoy the material without fear of infringing on copyrights.

Washington, DC—Big business and music and entertainment studio executives have teamed up to propose another bill launching an attack on the freedom to record and view your favorite television shows. Senators are actually considering a “Seven Seconds” bill to make it a felony to view recorded or streaming copyrighted music content-like the theme song of your favorite show or mood music in the background of a commercial or program-for more than seven seconds.

As some stoner music major my sister used to date in college e-mailed us, under the current wording of this bill, you could go to jail for watching a recording you made of any program that has any music in any form in its content.

The entertainment industry has been wigging out for several decades about websites that embed and stream musical content, and now they want law enforcement to lump music from TV shows in there, and put people in jail over it, rather than waste time filing civil lawsuits. What’s odd is that the wording of the bill doesn’t make it a crime to record the content, it would just be illegal to view the content.
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Former Teammate Says Lance Armstrong Pumped Gas Into Container That Was Set On The Tailgate Of His Pickup Truck, Not On The Ground Like The Sign At The Pump Says

Lance Armstrong?

The photo supplied by the accuser provides very little evidence to incriminate Lance Armstrong.

Lance Armstrong can’t catch a break. Now the seven-time Tour de France winner is fighting allegations that he illegally pumped gas into a plastic container that was sitting on the tailgate of his truck, rather than on the ground as mandated by federal law.

“I saw him pump the gas into his red container while still on the back of his truck,” former USA Team Cycling teammate Mark “Donna” Reed said. “I saw him pump it more than one time like we all did, like I did many, many times.”
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