“Choose Your Own Adventure” Brand Under Fire For “Selling Out,” Making Book With Just Two Endings And The Rest Filler

Choose Your Own Adventure

The publishing industry is always looking for new ways to monetize their wares.

New York-The publisher of the popular children’s book series has come under fire for their latest book, which is comprised of just two different endings and more than 100 pages dedicated to the insurance company, GEICO.

The installment, entitled “Choose Your Own Auto Coverage,” comes in at 128 pages, but only 11 pages are actual story and choices, with the remaining 117 pages a history of the GEICO insurance company and pictures of the company mascot, the Gecko.

“I mean, as an adult, I’m bored out of my mind,” said children’s book critic Michael Harris. “I can only imagine what a kid would think. They might like one or two of the pictures of the gecko, I guess, but seems to me, unless he’s talking, he’s just another lizard.”

The two options offered in the book are whether the reader would like to buy uninsured motorist coverage or not. That’s it. The reader goes to an insurance agent, talks to them, tells them what they’re looking for, and then have the option of buying the coverage or not.

The blurb about the book on the Choose Your Own Adventure website touts the book as “an exciting grown-up adventure for young adults who will soon be experiencing the insurance buying experience for themselves. We look forward to this being just the beginning of several more GEICO-themed CYOA books to come!”

The last time the brand felt this much backlash was in 2008 when they wrote an Olympic Games-themed book wherein US swimming star Michael Phelps didn’t win any gold medals. The USOC threatened to sue the publishers, who quickly re-edited the choices available to focus more on Phelps’ accomplishments, including one where he becomes an astronaut and saves the Earth from a meteor hurtling toward the planet.

But, on the bright side, at least that annoying “Flo” isn’t in the book. Silver lining and all that…

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