Woman Files Lawsuit Against Woman For Stealing Her Idea To File Lawsuit Against James Cameron For Ripping Off “Titanic”

Edward Smith

We can assume Captain Edward Smith took his own advice.

Los Angeles—A California woman has filed a lawsuit against another California woman who recently filed a lawsuit against James Cameron alleging he stole her idea for his mega-blockbuster hit “Titanic.”

The suit brought by Michaela Tezanos alleges that a suit brought last month against Cameron by Princess Samantha Kennedy was actually her idea first, and that the 16-page handwritten lawsuit filed by Kennedy that detailed how James Cameron and Paramount used many of her ideas as inspiration for dozens of the film’s most famous scenes, was stolen directly from Tezanos’ journal, which she keeps on her nightstand next to her autographed picture of Titanic captain Edward Smith.

“When I seen on the news last week that lady was suiting (sic) that ‘Titanic’ movie man, I immediately called my psychic advisor after I watched ‘Inside Edition,’” said Tezanos. “And she told me she was going tell about the suit when I came talk to her again next month. But she said she could tell, just when we was talking over the phone, she could tell I (was) going to win this suit and prevail once I gets (sic) my days in court.”

“I’d like to say this is a legal first,” said University of Southern California law professor Isaiah Hammonds. “But this isn’t even the first case like this I’ve seen in California this year, and it’s only March. When you’re dealing with intellectual property, and believe me, I use the term ‘intellectual’ loosely here, it’s very difficult to prove stolen ideas, or stolen plans to file a lawsuit. But I doubt this will settle out of court, to be quite frank.”

Tezanos said she is seeking three billion dollars, since the film grossed more than one billion, Kennedy is suing for one billion, and she has suffered “a billion dollars worth of mental anguish, anxiety and I can’t sleep. Plus punitive damages, too. They (are) gonna pay.”

12 thoughts on “Woman Files Lawsuit Against Woman For Stealing Her Idea To File Lawsuit Against James Cameron For Ripping Off “Titanic”

  1. You made several mistakes in your biased article. There were two people who were plaintiffs who both filed this case together. It was myself and my smart, high functioning, autistic son, Adam Urich. It is shocking that all of you attacked me, some wanting me to drown and yet all of you failed to mention the second plaintiff, Adam Urich, for whom was honored by President Clinton and Adam was on television. James Cameron has not been sued yet, and we are anticipating this lawsuit. Do your homework, before you go and destroy people’s lives. Adam can read you know. Tell everyone to stop degrading and attacking us when we have every right to claim what is actually ours.

  2. A new Supreme Court ruling has cleared the way so I can sue Fox, James Cameron and others if I choose to. I worked for Paramount Pictures years ago, I took classes at Paramount with producers and Paramount and I shared the same literary agent. Another judge ruled that Paramount Pictures had pocession of my scripts, while another judge ruled in previous case that I had valid copyrights and that it was non-frivolous. One judge totally biased in my opinion.

    • Thank you for your comment. Please drop us a line when you choose to sue Fox, James Cameron and others.

      You are now informed. Go and do likewise.

  3. People who read these negative blogs to discredit and defame me and my son, do not realize that these sort of blogs have gotten us stalked, cyberstalked, harassed and bullied continuously for over three years and as a result my health has been destroyed. I have been in the hospital several times as a result from these negative blogs with internal organ bleeding which is very dangerous. I have asked these sites to remove these negative blogs because they are dangerous to our safety and to my health, some have removed them while some refuse, even though they there are lies. They are trying to destroy my reputation, why, because they like James Cameron or Titanic or The Stars? Isn’t my life important at all, am I to be treated as human garbage that can be slandered, disparaged and ruin because I filed a case which was my right? I have been robbed. Would they have written these negative blogs if someone had broke into my home, stolen my property, saying mean things about me, calling me sick, that I deserved to be treated like this, by these bloggers and cyberstalkers? If somone steals from you, they can go to jail. If Hollywood steals from you, it is the victim in this society who is the criminal and the thieves of Hollywood can continue to use the victim’s work and make billions. Negative bloggers and cyberstalkers would not talk to you like that to your face, so why do they do it with a keyboard? People like this have to be held accountable. They are destroying a person’s life. And it gets the abuser attention and a sense of validation, no matter how much damage they cause the person who was exercising their right to get their property back and some justice. And if you have a biased judge, then the victim is victimized all over again and the damage usually lasts a lifetime.

  4. It is disturbing that a smear campaign was conducted to destroy Kennedy, parasite attorneys going online to discredit her, directing attention to themselves and to their law businesses. James Cameron ripped Kennedy off and he has not been sued yet. I believe Kennedy, Cameron is known for plagerism. Hollywood studios and federal judges work hand n hand to have the biggest heist in history, everyone getting a fortune, while the poor victim gets stoned by the vultures online and made to look like a nut case while the vultures pick her bones clean. Leonardo has made big money from Kennedy’s writings, money that has gone to expensive parties, whores, drinking, he is just like the character he plays in The Wolf of Wallstreet. The sleazy online Business Insider used Kennedy to get attention for its readers, calling her a nut case, off her rocker, telling its readers that Kennedy said Rose was her sister and Jack her father, all kids that Kennedy never wrote in her scripts or said. Those lies werd created by a writer who was fired and the defamation lulled down, a story that over and over was quoted by online news and online attorneys, calling Kennedy sick. James Cameron has blown off the United States to avoid taxes and moved his family to New Zealand buying up land from his blood money proceeds, while Kennedy struggles to care for her family and her health.

  5. I wanted to say that this online smear campaign has destroyed my health. I know the real facts about this case and James Cameron stolen from me. People keep talking about the statue of limitations. A new Supreme Court ruling has cleared the way that I can sue James Cameron, Fox and others. One judge ruled I had valid copyrights and another ruled that they had my scripts. I just got out of the hospital again for internal bleeding in my stomach, very dangerous and I blame the online smear campaign from the meanest people on earth, the stress from their threats, that they wanted to drown me in fecal tissue or they wanted to charge admission so they could drown me in the ocean another man said. I have been called every name imaginable from sick to psycho because one editor made up a lie and said that I said Rose was my sister and Jack was my father, he got fired and many sites have been taken down. I am still suffering from the auto accident that my son and I were in. A big truck hit me in the side and we were recipients if coliding cars. We were on our way to mail a care package for an ailing friend. The accident was not our fault and there were other cars involved, one had little children in their car, but, they seemed to be okay. I got the worse of it. There were several ambulances and police there and me and my son had to go to the hospital. He was okay, but, I had to have many months of physical therapy, I still have pain from it. Thereafter I filed a lawsuit against Paramount Pictures for stealing my work to create Titanic. A smear campaign has been against me and my child who is autistic. He and his brother were commended by President Clinton in the 90ss and they were on television. This woman online who lives in Florida called my son retarded, stupid all kinds of names, she knows who she is. She smeared us all over the net. Why? Only she knows. We have done nothing to deserve this. We only exercised our rights to sue for having property stolen and exploited. James Cameron and the makers of this motion picture are guilty. We have done nothing wrong and these attacks were malicious. We have suffered enough, we have been used by CNN, a black reporter getting on there, making fun of me, discrediting me and online attorneys to direct traffic to their site or television show. During the time Paramount had my scripts, my sons’ black friend, Jonathan Sellers and his friend Charlie, were riding their bikes to get a hamburger. They were kidnapped, strangled, raped and murdered. My boys Micah and Adam, were not with them this time. The boys loved each other, they took karate classes together and I am friends with Jonathan’s mother. We were often at each other’s home. We will never get over this. Jonathan was only 9 years old when his little life was taken from him. Did it stop the Paramount and others from stealing from my manuscripts? No it did not matter that we had children that were raped, strangled and murdered. They “are in the business of making movies,” one of their attorneys told me. They are in the business of making their stars superstars. A new Supreme Court Ruling has cleared the way for me to sue more people, regardless of the statue of limitations. They should have never done this.

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