TDQ Investigates: Who Would Win, Yoda Or Dumbledore?

Yoda Vs Dumbledore

Dumbledore, all powerful wizard (left), squares off against Yoda, Jedi Master (right) in what would surely be worth $30 to $50 on Pay-Per-View

We know what you’re thinking: You idiots, one of them died a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, and the other died in June 1997.  We know, we know. But just bear with us as we debate this notion that we totally stole from our buddy, Justin Camputaro, who posed this very question recently on Twitter.

Now, for our purposes we’re using Dumbledore as a representative of wizards as a whole. The argument could also have been made using any famous wizard, be it Merlin or Gandalf or Kwame Brown. And we’re using Yoda to represent all Jedi Masters, though arguably he’s the most powerful Jedi Knight. The argument for who would win, Darth Vader or Voldemort, is for another day.

It seems to us, and we went round and round discussing this last week during our bi-weekly Dungeons and Dragons sessions (we won’t ever mix this debate with D&D again, we can promise you that!), that the source of their respective powers is the largest argument about who would win. And Yoda is embedded with The Force, a power that is found in all living things. He isn’t the only person, er, creature, to possess this power, he just has it in greater amounts and has learned to harness it over several centuries. When 900 years we reach, we hope we can wield it as well as he did.

Dumbledore on the other hand, is one of only a select group who possess the magic that not all humans have. And we all know that Delores Umbridge would argue that magic only belongs to wizards, pure-blood wizards, and any other creature not of pure-blood must have stolen it, right? Right. That would lead us to believe that The Force is a much more powerful thing than just mere wizard’s magic.

If it’s created by all living things and surrounds and penetrates living beings and binds the galaxy together, that’s quite an energy field, thank you very much.

We’ll give you that a wand is likely a more lethal, or at least useful, weapon than a light saber. But Yoda don’t need no wand. He’s using mind tricks and stuff, too. And anything Dumbledore could whip up, wand or no, Yoda could snuff right out.

They’re both incredibly powerful in their own environments, but using The Force as his weapon rather than just magic, we have to go Yoda on this one. Plus, as far as overused sci-fi movie quotes go, “May the Force be with you” pretty much tops the list.

Next week, we’ll discuss Jawas vs. house elves.

You are now informed. Go and do likewise.

1 thought on “TDQ Investigates: Who Would Win, Yoda Or Dumbledore?

  1. I would also vote hands-down for anyone who has the moves like Jagger…er, Yoda. I think this is a win for all vertically challenged: Garfield, Darby O’Gill’s friend, Gary Coleman, Tinkerbell…the list goes on.

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