“The More I See The More I Realize I Haven’t Seen Anything:” A TDQ Q&A With TV Producer And “Amazing Race” Winner Alex Boylan

Alex Boylan

Our lawyers insist we inform our readers it was street performer, celebrity impersonator, and TDQ enthusiast Donald "Trump'" that told Alex Boylan about The Daily Quarterly. We were prepared to let readers jump to their own conclusions.

This week, we somehow were able to track down world traveling TV producer Alex Boylan. Alex gave us some pointers on how to win “The Amazing Race” like he did, talks about some of the crazy/scary things he’s seen while going all over the globe and tell us about searching for the Perfect Wave. Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A With Alex Boylan:   

The Daily Quarterly: How did you hear about thedailyquarterly.com?

Alex Boylan: Donald Trump told me about you guys…

TDQ: How excited were you that The Daily Quarterly asked you for an interview?

Boylan: Not that I am a professional baseball player or anything…but I feel like a kid playing in the minor league who just got called to the pros. 

TDQ: Aside from the prize of a million bucks, what was the best thing about winning “The Amazing Race 2?”

Boylan: I thought money was the only thing worth living for? Seriously…the best part about the race was being exposed to the world of entertainment. It’s one of the most passionate and rewarding industries out there.

TDQ: I get grouchy on a 2-hour ride to Disney World with my wife. How in the world did you and your “Amazing Race” teammate Chris Luca keep from tearing each other apart while spending weeks together 24/7 going all over the globe?

Boylan: That’s why you do the race with a buddy over a girlfriend or wife. However, there was one time on the race in New Zealand where Chris actually knocked me out. I was pushing him to run faster…he had enough of it and laid one on me while running by. Not that I’m small…but Chris is a 6’4/250lbs. Division 1 rugby player. I’m pretty sure I was out cold for a second or two. The good thing about buddies is you move on quick. Within 15 minutes we both had moved on from the disagreement.

TDQ: Aren’t you tired of going all over the world? How about a reality show, “Around the mall for free,” or “The Amazing Race to the post office down the street?”

Boylan: Honestly I am not at all tired of it. Every time I say I am going to hang back at the office more and not go into the field to produce I end up eating my words. This is who I am…it’s where I belong. I don’t think I could go through life any other way. By the way…do people still use the post office…I thought that went out of business in the 1990s.

TDQ: Be honest: “The Amazing Race” host Phil Keoghan is nowhere near as cool as he seems on TV, right? He’s really a huge jerk, isn’t he?

Boylan: Phil is a really great guy. I actually don’t think “The Amazing Race” showcases how great his personality is. Last spring CBS had a 10 year reunion party for the race and it was great catching up with Phil there. You know he just peddled his bike across America…that’s the real deal.

TDQ: Tell us about “Around the World Productions”

Boylan: “Around the World Productions” is the brainchild of Burton Roberts (“Survivor” alum) and myself. Both of us were fortunate to travel the world before going to business school and then on to a reality show. This company is a reflection of who we are to the core. Everyone at the company has a strong passion for exploring the world of travel and adventure in a very pure way. The company is still young enough where everyone who works there are very close friends. Zsolt Luka, Josh Bolton, Louis Martinez, Danny Ursitti and the rest of the gang work extremely hard to produce the great shows we have online and on air.

TDQ: What project(s) are you working on right now?

Boylan: We have a show with Lonely Planet that will be airing soon that discovers seven cities in Canada. Our first style show called “Very Good Looking” staring Sally Horchow. We’re gearing up for “Around the World” season four on CBS. But the show we are smack in the middle of producing is another real time show called “Missions In Action.” It’s a fascinating show that showcases the selfless faces in the world helping humanity be a better place. We have seen so many places in the world and along with that we have seen the suffering and marginalized first hand. As a company we felt a responsibility to tell these stories. Every episode we show a problem on the globe, who is helping and most importantly what the audience can do right then and there to take action and help. It’s a show with soul and a purpose! I hope you all watch and spread the word about the show.

Part 2 of our TDQ Q&A with Alex Boylan will run next Friday

3 thoughts on ““The More I See The More I Realize I Haven’t Seen Anything:” A TDQ Q&A With TV Producer And “Amazing Race” Winner Alex Boylan

  1. I just love the Missions in Action series that’s running right now. It’s great to see people use their talents and fame to help others in need. I don’t think this part of the article mentioned it but you can watch the episodes online at http://missionsinaction.tv.

    • Thank you for your reply. We also enjoy Missions in Action, and what Alex is doing. If you click on the blue “Missions in Action” link in the article, it takes you to missionsinaction.tv.
      Good to see this inspiring show, and be sure and enjoy part 2 of Alex’s Q&A next week!
      You are now informed. Go and do likewise.

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