Urban Meyer Loses It During Game Of “Words With Friends” Over What He Called “Made-up Words” Integrity, Honesty And Loyalty

Urban Meyer's Words with Friends Board
TDQ laboratories have recreated our best guess as to how Urban Meyer’s Words with Friends game appeared.

Columbus, OH—Unnamed sources have come forward and confirmed reports that they saw newly-hired The Ohio State University football coach Urban Meyer and overheard his bewilderment and eventual anger when playing the “the wildly addictive iPhone-based crossword game” Words with Friends.

“I don’t think he meant to be as loud as he was,” said one source, who said he was sitting three rows ahead of Meyer while waiting in line at the Columbus Dept. of Motor Vehicles last Friday. “He started off rather quiet, but you could tell he was seeing words he wasn’t familiar with and thought the people he was playing the game with were all liars and cheats.”

A woman in line who said she was scared to give her name, but was sitting next to Meyer said that he kept muttering the words over and over again as they were played on his iPhone by other people in his game. “He’d say, ‘Integrity? What the hell is that?’ and then get angrier and angrier insisting the words weren’t real. And he finally lost it and just flipped out when somebody he was playing against used the world ‘loyalty.’ It was really very frightening.”

It appears, according to the Columbus Police report, that Meyer at this point “completely flipped out and hurled his phone across the room, and had to be restrained by DMV personal (sic).”

Once the DMV employee was able to calm the “screaming, incoherent Meyer” down and determine what the cause of his behavior was, he was able then, along with other people in line with smart phones, to show Meyer that the words “integrity,” “honesty,” “character” and “loyalty” were indeed actual words and not made up by his playing partners.

“You would have thought a guy his age would know the meaning of words like that,” said another man who said he was near Meyer in line. When told, however, who Meyer was, the man changed his tune. “Oh, well, never mind then.”

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