“60 Minutes” Bringing In New Blood To Host Show: Lance Bass, Shia LaBeouf, Seth Meyers And Usher Will Be New “Reporters”

New York—In an effort to attract new, younger viewers, CBS News weekly magazine and Sunday night stalwart “60 Minutes” announced yesterday that this would be the last season they use “Edward R. Murrow-style reporters” and will be shifting to four new “news anchor-likes” next fall with the hiring of Shia LaBeouf, Lance Bass, Usher and Seth Meyers.

“Obviously snagging Meyers out from under NBC is the biggest coup,” said newly hired executive producer Miles Anniston. “He brings the credibility that was necessary to the new news crew. We’re just thrilled.”

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Anniston said that each of the four co-hosts CBS News hired could easily carry the show themselves, but felt that the mix and chemistry of the four together would balance the show well and attract the demographic that the news program had lost over the last 40 years or so.

“We will certainly miss and wholeheartedly appreciate the talents of current anchors Morley Safter, Steve Kroft, Leslie Stahl, Scott Pelley, Charlie Rose, Bob Simon, Lara Logan, Byron Pitts and Anderson ‘Don’t call me Alice’ Cooper,” Anniston said. “But we felt like we needed to get back to basics, to think outside the box and re-imagine what sort of news we wanted to tell.”

Anniston said he has no clue yet what sort of news the new “60 Minutes” may want to tell. He thinks he’ll get a good feel from Twitter, though, or maybe reddit.

“It’s a new day and age,” Anniston said. “I may only be 24, but there’s a damn lot of news I’ve read in 24 years. I don’t think (former producer, whom Anniston is replacing) Don Hewitt ever even heard of Twitter. Well you better believe I have, son.”

Anniston said he may still continue to utilize a crotchety old man to gripe for the last five minutes of the show, a spot left vacant since Andy Rooney left the program just weeks before he passed away earlier this year. He even has a few people in mind for that role. “I’d love to get Carson Daly in that spot. That would be epic. FTW.”

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